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I'm not even sure what to say about this (but that won't stop me from trying)

Be forewarned: Keeping true to my blog title, the following is going to be quite rambling.

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of some of the crap that has been going on with actor Charlie Sheen. I have kept up with it because one of my Facebook "friends" is the P-G TV critic, and he has been regularly posting Charlie-related tweets on Facebook. I am also somewhat interested in the saga because I know people who have struggled with drug addiction, and I have seen firsthand what that stuff can do to you.

I can still see the scary face/eyes of someone I know when he was strung out, back about five years ago. Think of the darkest circles you have ever had under your eyes, and multiple that by 10. In fact, last year at the park, when a mother introduced me to her teenage son, he had the same look, and it scared the crap out of me. I wondered if I should say something to her, but ultimately decided not to, since I knew her only casually and worried I was wrong anyway.

I get how tough it can be to get off drugs. The person I spoke about above has tried multiple times, and the time before last remained clean for a year or two before falling back into the abyss. I hope this time it sticks, but statistics say chances are slim. So I certainly cannot believe that Charlie Sheen can pronounce he is drug-free, which he apparently was able to do in the comfort of his home, with the help of his two porn-star girlfriends, just like that. I watched over 30 minutes of a live interview with him Monday night, just to see if I could determine if he was high. Although his eyes seemed relatively normal, his behavior seemed erratic, like that of someone who was coming off a high. During an interview that was taped a few days prior, which aired last night, his eyes looked a little glassy to me. In both cases, he just seemed all over the place. Some have suggested he is bipolar/manic; I have no idea.

I don't care about Charlie Sheen, really. But as a parent, I do worry about his kids, including twin toddler boys, who were shown on TV along with his porn-star girlfriends. Charlie basically said that his kids will probably look up to him, and think he is a rock star. For the love of Pete, the man was bragging about having done enough drugs in one sitting that would have killed a "regular" person. And he really thinks because he is rich, famous, and having fun, that that is something his kids should be proud of? And let's face it; there are plenty of young, impressionable people out there who see this famous guy who everyone wants to interview, a guy who has survived massive amounts of drugs, a guy who has had many girlfriends and dalliances. Sadly, to some he probably is a hero.

I heard on the news this morning that his kids were taken away from him last night, at the request of his most recent ex-wife/mother of the twins. What does it say when the kids are better off with this woman, who has struggled with drugs herself and is apparently currently in day rehab?!

All that said, if you take the kids out of the picture, if this guy wants to risk his life, damage his health, whatever, it is none of my business really. And if he had been doing a good job on his show, then the powers-that be should have probably not ended the season early. The guy is not a teacher or a doctor!

Regardless, if he had been difficult to work with, had ever delayed production or showed up late more than once, that is different. And his saying negative things about his boss (assuming that Chuck Lorre is considered his boss) is also a pretty big no-no, even by Hollywood's standards, I would presume.

I don't know. Money and success often trump most everything else, including bad behavior. My guess is Charlie will probably "win" this one and ultimately continue to get TV and/or movie deals, a lot of money, and all the drugs he can probably do. Let's just hope when his flame goes out, he does not take down any innocent people with him.


Anonymous said…
Sorry you know someone struggling with addiction. Me? I just can't feel sorry for Charlie Sheen and his ilk. The world needs to place their concern on more important issues.
Facie said…
Anon, I definitely don't feel sorry for him, unless he is bipolar as some people seem to think. And I do agree there are so many more pressing things out there that we should not be giving this jagoff all this attention. But, as I said on the P-G TV critic's FB page, it is kinda like when you pass a wreck and cannot stop looking at it.

Oddly (at least to me), I have never followed any of the Lindsay Lohan drama (that is, I have never read an article or watched an interview or any of the gossip shows).

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