The simple things

On a beautiful day like today, I can marvel in/at the sunshine and warmth. I started the day at church, where mass began outside. Feeling the sun on my face and seeing so many parishioners standing around made me smile.

A few hours later, I took Jordan to Frick Park, where she was content to slide down the cement slide on a piece of cardboard for over an hour and a half. I got to sit on a bench and do absolutely nothing but watch her laugh or yell out gleefully almost every time she came down. Eventually, a friend I had not seen since December stopped by, and we caught up.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of the simple things in life. I get so caught up in my world.

A world of worrying about money, a replacement job, and the health of my family.

A world where Brian and I nit-pick each other and I let Jordan get away with too much.

A world where I still feel as if I don't spend enough time with my kid (or Brian, my mom, and my siblings and their families, for that matter).

A world where other kids are mean to my kid and make her cry.

A world where I worry that I am not good enough, smart enough, anything enough.

A world where I feel guilty about so many things.

Sometimes, I need a day like today, where I can just appreciate the simple things in life. Things such as sunshine, laughter, church, people getting along. Simple things that make me smile.

As the song says, the simple things just are.


Mel said…
wishing you an endless supply of such days, such moments!
Facie :-) said…
Thanks. Of course, now it is snowing, for the love of Pete! Thank God for yesterday.

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