Bless me, Father, for I have sinned

Yesterday I took J with me to confession. I must not have discussed this part of my faith with the hubby before because he questioned what sins I had committed that warranted confessing them to a priest (this is what Catholics do). I explained confession was not just reserved for major indiscretions, so he did not need to worry that I had a boyfriend on the side or that I was plotting or had committed some insidious act.

While waiting our turn, I explained to J that I was going to tell Father the things I did wrong and then he would tell me some prayers to say. I told her we would be doing this behind a screen, and we would only hear (not see) Father, but it was important that she was quiet during this time.

When it was my turn, I kneeled in front of the screen. Probably less than two minutes into it, I heard Father laugh and say, "Oh, we have a visitor." J had peeked her head on the other side of the screen while I was rattling off my not-so-good deeds.

I tried to end it quickly, since she clearly was interested in seeing a hidden Father, and we talked about it some more on the way home. I explained that it is important that we tell the priest (who is forgiving us on behalf of God) what we did wrong and ask for forgiveness when we are sorry. J then decided that Daddy better to go to confession since he wants to get rid of Sadie and says he won't miss her if she is gone. Probably not a bad idea.

I wish confession meant more to me as an adult; as a child, I recall feeling "good" again after I left, and probably I refrained from fighting with my brothers or fibbing to my parents for at least a day or two after. Regardless, I do think it is a good idea to examine your conscience and think about what you are doing wrong. Who among us could not stand a little improvement, even if it is only temporary?


Mel said…
I am chuckling about the "visitor" and the reason Daddy needs to confess... boy, I'd better get busy b/c I have had many unkind things to say about the dog down the street... and I can understand your conundrum about looking for work or seizing your suddenly found hours with J (your last post). just pray and try to do what you are led to do. there's no easy decision for any mom, I suspect.

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