Something to look forward to

Yesterday, I booked a vacation at Ocean City, Maryland, for the end of June. This will be the first vacation we have taken since our honeymoon almost 10 years ago. Twice we have gone with Brian's mom and her friend for a couple of nights to a resort in Virginia, but this is our vacation, to a destination we wanted to go to, staying at a condo we picked out (and by we I mostly mean I), where we can have our own bedroom and not share it with a kid.

Growing up, we went to OC a lot, but since I have been married, I have mostly avoided the sun, so it is kind of odd we picked a beach. But there is a lot to do in OC, and the place that we picked has some amenities that I am sure Jordan will like (if only Brian had someone to golf with...). Plus, one assumes it should not be as hot in June as it would be in later summer, so hopefully that will help.

With all the gloom and doom going on with the economy, it is nice to have something to look forward to for the next four months. I definitely debated if now was the time to spend money with the way everything is, but we got an extra 1k back in our income taxes that I was not expecting, so I figure why put it in an account to earn less than one percent interest when we can do something for ourselves. Chances are we won't take another vacation for years (and honestly I prefer to stay at home for a vacation, just so much less hassle), so we might as well do it now.

So, yeah, vacation!


Mel said…
good for you! it sounds lovely. maybe I will get on the horn and start looking for a long weekend in Cape May... that's been our dream for a few years now. : )
Cris said…
Glad you are heading down our way. Let us know the exact dates you will be in OC. We are heading to Punta Cana from June 25-July 2 but maybe there will be a few days we could get together. You could always stay here and save the money!

Kirby is always up to golfing so maybe he and Brian could play.
Facie :-) said…
Mel: If you do end up going, check out this site: Someone on Pgh Mom recommended it in response to a post I wrote. She said she paid half of what you normally would for places in the Outer Banks. I would think it is for a variety of places.

Cris: It would be great if we could see you, and thanks for the offer, but it may not work. We will be there from 6.29 to 7.3. Depending on how things go, maybe we could meet up on the day we leave.

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