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I don't want to be a hypocrite

But I am.

I promised myself and others that I would give Obama a chance, that I would show him the respect that so many others did not give Bush. So far, I am breaking that promise.

Pretty much any time I see an Obama bumper sticker, I have a visceral reaction. I wince, make a snide comment, or roll my eyes. I pretty much always roll my eyes. I want to like the guy. I want to want him to do well, so why can't I get over this?

Partly, I guess, because ever since I started following politics, around 2000, my guy has won the presidency. I was not a big Bush supporter, but he seemed the lesser of two evils in 2000, and mostly I wanted all traces of Bill Clinton out of the White House (that was when I voted on the basis of morality, which I no longer do). And in 2004, there was something about Kerry that made it impossible for me to vote for him, so it was Bush again. Maybe I am sore loser?

Last night during Obama's address to Congress, when I saw Nancy Pelosi in what appeared to be a sweatsuit, I made a snide comment. But then I told myself if that person had been a rep that I respected and someone said something negative about her attire, I would be mad.

So I pretty much got past this (but seriously if you are going to be standing behind the President, shouldn't you wear something that resembles a suit?), and I tried to listen to Obama with an open mind.

As far as his delivery went, I think he did a good job, although it sounded more like a campaign speech, full of promises. And, finally, his speech was not all gloom and doom as it had been. So I felt pretty good about it and him. But after I stopped and thought about it, I just go irritated again, thinking how all of a sudden, now that this gazillion dollar bill has been passed, everything is just fine. Except it is not. Or it was never that bad to begin with.

Maybe for Lent I can try to be more open-minded about Obama. At the very least I would love to have no reaction when seeing something with his name on it. That would be something. If any of Obama's supporters would like to help me through this process, I am willing to be your student.


Facie :-) said…
As I was pulling behind a car with an Obama sticker yesterday, I tried to remain indifferent. But then I saw another bumper stick that read "Buck Fush." Well, as, you can imagine, I was pretty mad.

Maybe Obama himself is not so bad, just some of the un- or misinformed idiots who support him (not saying that Bush was great, mind you).
Anonymous said…
Saw a few good bumper sticker advertisements on the web: OBAMA spelled out--One Big A(a Democrat donkey beside the A) Mistake, America!

Or "I voted for a hero, not a handout" (for those who voted for McCain while holding their noses).

"God's given us a savior--I am looking for a President"

Socialism: A great idea until you run out of other people's money"

Give up the "I want to give him a chance". You were an informed voter and you knew what he was about. He will never and never would be any different, with a Democrat Congress especially.

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