Are we doomed?

I worry about the spendulus bill. Is it really going to right the economy without dire consequences? I am thinking in a few years, I will be taking home about half my pay, but maybe I am just being too cynical. Part of me says, let's just print millions of dollars and mail it to everyone, but isn't this kind of what we are doing?

I would love to go through and see exactly what is in this bill, but reading over 1000 pages does not appeal to me. And I bet many of our senators and reps did not read it either. But from what I hear and what I have read, there appears to be a lot of pork.

This is where I am torn. Many states, PA included, need money; we are in trouble. So I certainly would not want to turn down whatever Obama is doling out. But at what price? And how much will it help? Governor Spendell can talk about what he wants to do to help reduce the deficit, but what about reducing the size of the legislature? And how about not hiring a former legislature at a newly created job at 95k per year when there is a spending freeze?

Since the banks have gotten their handouts, how have the average, conscientious Americans been helped? When I looked at my bank statement from last week, I saw that my money market account earns .65 percent interest. Wow! I guess I should not complain; this is better than the quarter percent that Jordan's little account gets.

Refinancing does not seem to be an option because the closing costs will practically nullify any savings I would reap. But I bet if I had bought a house that cost way more than I could afford, someone at ACORN would be helping me.

I am just discouraged right now. I am trying to keep my head up high and not lose hope, but perhaps I am not trying hard enough. Lord knows I have not given Obama much of a chance.

At least I can look forward to an extra $13 in my paycheck beginning in June. I just hope I did not jinx myself out of a job with that comment.


Anonymous said…
You will get an extra 13 dollars a week in your pay but only for a short time--then it goes down to 8 dollars a week. Surely not worth the 3 trillion dollars the Congressional Budget Office says this bill will cost over the long haul.

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