I tweaked my ankle, but I'll be ready by kickoff!

I either tripped on or missed the last step yesterday morning before going to work. I immediately cried out in pain and fell to the floor. Jordan's reaction? "Daddy better take me to school." It reminded me of when Brian and I were playing (and I use that term loosely for me) tennis on the 4th of July back in '99. I simply stepped funny on my ankle, yet it swelled up to the size of a grapefruit, and I was on crutches and in a soft ankle cast for a few weeks.

Even though I have little tolerance for pain, I like to think I am tough, plus I hate medication or seeking treatment, so I decided to soldier on. Unfortunately, walking around the South Side for lunch and not putting ice on my ankle until about 4 p.m. yesterday did nothing to help it (neither did Mike spilling half a Dr. Pepper on me, for that matter). Currently, my ankle has swelled to perhaps only the size of a plum, and it hurts just mildly. But as my post title suggests, I will be fine by kickoff tomorrow.

Ah, football. Every year, I expect the Steelers to make the playoffs. Fortunately, since I began my love affair with the sport probably almost 25 years ago, the Steelers have delivered much more than not. As stated in this very blog last year, I am superstitious, so part of me hates to write a post about the Steelers, thinking I will jinx them, even though deep down I know that is crazy. Well, maybe mostly.

There is just something about being a Steelers fan and something even better about being a fan right here in the Burgh. I consider myself blessed to live here. People talk smack on Pittsburgh, saying it is not a place for young people, there is nothing to do, good jobs are hard to find, everyone is old, etc. Speaking for my experience of living here for almost 13 years, I can say most of that is simply not true.

When I was single (and even before I had a child), I did a lot of stuff. I attended various sporting events, I had a theatre subscription, I did various bits of volunteer work, my social life was pretty full. I just don't understand the people who say there is nothing to do. They must never leave their house.

It is hard for me to comment on the job scene because I have worked for the same company since I moved here. I suspect, particularly now, if I tried to find another job, I would have difficulty. But most of my friends have done okay. Sure, some moved away for work reasons, but some of those same friends have moved multiple times for different jobs, so it is hard to blame the Burgh.

I hope that next week I am able to attend the next pep rally for the Steelers. I was hedging my bets by not going to Friday's, hoping the Steelers would prevail against the Bolts (my ankle would not let me go anyway). Even better would be cheering during a per-Super Bowl pep rally, as some coworkers and I did three years ago. And better than that would be attending a Super Bowl victory parade as we also did. We can hope.

But if not, I am going to sit here and recover and love and praise my town (taxes not withstanding) as much as I can.

Go Steelers!


ashley said…
Yippee!!! Go Steelers!

Go easy on that ankle, and I hope you feel better soon.
big fan said…
Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!
Facie :-) said…
Ankle has improved. I stupidly went on our usual 1.5-mile lunch walk on Monday, which might have set me back. That is what happens when you take on for the team!

Steeler fever, baby!

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