Baby, it's cold INSIDE!

Nothing like losing heat on the coldest day of the year, but that is just what happened to us last evening. Fortunately, we have two electric heaters as well as a kerosene one, so we managed to keep from freezing. Sadie got to sleep with me under six layers of covers, before she eventually decided that was too warm and that sleeping on top of the blankets (and pretty much on my leg) would be better. A decent-sized dog is good at keeping you warm. A dog who had been recently bathed would have improved the situation. Hope Sadie does not think this is going to be a regular occurrence. (Maybe when I ship her off to "Aunt Amy's" permanently, she can do that.)

By the time we woke up today, the inside temps were hovering around 57 degrees, which is what some of my friends turn their heat down to at night. Let me say right now that those people are a little nuts. Our bathroom floor felt like the garage floor, it was so cold. I think I took a piping hot shower, but in reality, it might have just seemed that way compared to the air temp. It was nice to get out of the shower and pretty much enter a steam bath. Had not done that since I used to do that at Bally's pre-kid (yes, it kind of gives me the pause now, looking back).

The heat repair guy has since been to our house, and we have warmth again, two parts and about $1,000 later! I hope we don't regret not just replacing our furnace (which the repair guy referred to as "junk"), but I am just not ready to shell out thousands of dollars right now. If we end up staying here, we should seriously consider doing it within the next year (this is the third time we have had a furnace issue in the almost seven years we have lived here), and even if we don't, hopefully doing so will be a selling feature.

Always something. Might have to go buy a Powerball ticket (since the work group, after something like four years, disbanded).

Stay warm and go Steelers.


Facie :-) said…
I did buy my first solo Powerball ticket on Saturday. I did not win. After I see our ER bill, I might wish I did...

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