Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing.

My blog title is directly from Tim Allen's The Santa Clause movie. I watched it (and the next two installments) with my kid last week/this past weekend. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that first movie; it came out in the mid '90s, when I was single, in my mid 20s, and had forgotten the magic of Christmas. But having a kid is a great reminder of the merriment, joy, and wonder of the season.

The thing about the "Believing is seeing" quote is that it "works" for both the secular and religious part of the season (and life in general, I suppose).

This Christmas I hope each of you can believe in something that you cannot see, whatever that may be.

Merry Christmas!


bluzdude said…
Merry Christmas, Facie.

(And wow, your daughter looks just like you!)
Facie said…
Right back at ya, Bluz.

I have heard that the kid looks like me a time or too. ;-)

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