Flowers, lights, and beauty

I am going to try to keep myself from posting/uploading 50 pictures from a recent trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh (Oakland). If you live near Pittsburgh, you really should get yourself to Phipps before the winter light show ends on January 12. A friend, our kids, and I went yesterday, spending the late afternoon hours walking through the various exhibits before taking a good (and gingerbread martini!) break. Then, when it was dark, we went through most of the areas again, to experience the flowers draped in lights.

Here is a little tour for you. First, here are a bunch of pictures from the daylight portion, mostly of flowers. My favorite is tree near the bottom of the photos below, reflecting into the water below, as well as the one room, which also reflects in the water below it.

But the real sight to behold are in the photos below, which I took once the sun went down. The first set is of various flowers, plants, and rooms indoors.

Finally, this last set is of the display outside. I wish I had brought my camera; the iphone does not do the scene justice.


bluzdude said…
Beautious! I would have a field day there, taking "calendar pictures."
Shannon W. said…
Lovely...I love the Phipps Christmas display. We are planning on going to the Carnegie Museum on Thursday to see the trees and the creche. I've not seen it before.
Facie said…
Bluz: You would!

Shannon: Hope the museum was nice. Our membership expired the last day in November, and we missed the trees.

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