I totally could have caught that bus.

Those of you who read this blog and who are not one of my Facebook "friends" missed out on a good bus story. This is for you!

So last Wednesday afternoon, we get an early (noonish) release from work. (Worth noting is the boss came in with her kid in the morning, so I spent some time at the beginning of the work day hanging out with her toddler. Best workday almost ever!)

Anyway, after those grueling couple of hours of work, a few coworkers and I went to lunch. I had nachos and a beer. Yep, pretty darn good lunch. As we were finishing up, I checked the bus schedule and realized the next bus was coming in about five minutes. The walk was short, just up the hill, and knowing the bus is almost always late in the afternoon, I figured I could make that walk easy-peezy, with a minute to spare. So I walked slowly. Then, about a minute before the bus was due and when I was about 100 paces away from the stop, the bus drove by. What the what?!

Knowing the next bus was not coming for another 30 minutes, I, of course, took off, yelling "Happy Thanksgiving" to my coworkers. I ran as fast as I could with 20 mph winds and hiking boots weighing me down. And, alas, I did not catch up to the bus before the next stop.

Undaunted and clearly ignoring the fact that I will be 42 in a couple of days, I starting another sprint, hoping I could cash in on the next red light (some of the stops are just a block or two apart). After a couple of minutes, the bus pulled away from the next stop (stupid green light).

I tried one more time to catch the bus at the next stop. But by this time, the water from my travel mug, which was in the outside pocket on my backpack, managed to spill down my jeans-covered butt. Nothing like wet jeans on a 30-degree day (with a Real-Feel temp of about 22). To those I ran by, I undoubtedly looked as if I had peed my pants. Nice.

In the end, I gave up catching the bus, and I instead waited for almost 30 minutes in the cold, windy afternoon. Sigh.

But as I said on FB, had I been in tennis shoes and had the temp been just a little warmer, I totally could have caught that bus.

Stay tuned for a better story next spring!


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