This is probably part 3 of 4

About 2.5 months ago, I wrote about my brake rip-off at Monro. Unfortunately for me, I neglected to do a follow-up post. If I had, I would have told you that I filled out an online survey about 10 days later, completely bashing my experience. The very next day, I received a call from J, the guy at the local Monro, who tried to explain himself. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say he did nothing to convince me to come back.

Around this time, my car started to make funny noises, some of which sounded like knocking. I took it to my usual mechanic, who simply tightened my caliper mounting bracket. When I asked what this was about, my mechanic asked if I had recently had brakes put on. Grr. Apparently, had my mechanic not made this fix, my brakes could have eventually fallen off. Lovely.

I called Monro that afternoon to tell J what happened. He told me if I brought the bill in, he would pay for it. Or I could have two free oil changes. I, stupidly, opted for the oil changes, which I have not yet used, and don't plan to, because here comes part 3:

Last week, my car started making another funny noise that I liken to a stomach gurgling. I ignored it until yesterday, when I noticed that on top of the gurgling noises, my car is also making knocking noises, similar to the one it made when I had had my brakes replaced.


So I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow with my regular mechanic. If it has anything to do with my brakes, which I am pretty sure it does since I notice it only when I brake, I will be stopping into Monro and demanding they pay for the bill. I am also going to take in my bill from the caliper tightening and have him pay for that, rather than get the free oil changes. If my plan does not work, and I may do this anyway, I intend to contact Channel 4 and perhaps the newspaper(s). I have put fewer than 2,000 miles on my car since I had all that brake work done. This is ridiculous.

I hope this turns out well, that it can easily be corrected, and that J at Monro pays for it willingly (assuming it is brake-related). I also hope this is not an error on my mechanic's part. I can't take more shoddy work from anyone else.

I could really use an easy button right now.


LaLa said…
Gee whiz what did Monro do to your brakes?!!! I sure hope all ends well and it does not end up being some $$$$$ repair. Looking forward to hearing Part 4.
Facie said…
LaLa: When I picked up my kid today as well as drove home, there was nary a sound, which is what happened last time when I first took it to my mechanics!

Back then, I ended up having to bring it back a week later when the sound came back. However, as I drove into our steep, downhill driveway just a bit ago, the gurgling returned. Ugh!

I have no idea how part 4 is going to turn out, but I hope it ends there, and, yes, cheaply!

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