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I bet not many people have done this before...

See those two shoes up there? The ones that don't match, not even close? Yours truly managed to leave the house last night in those completely different shoes.

Apparently, when I checked myself out in the mirror before I left, I failed to look at my feet, which is not too surprising considering I pretty much never do that. What is odd is that I must have put each shoe on without looking at what I was doing. For the love of Pete, I know those shoes are slip-ons/backless, but how could I not catch a glimpse of them while sliding my tootsies in?! And as you can see from the photo, the structure is quite different. Any marginally coherent or observant person should notice that they don't feel the same.

Yet I, apparently as clueless as they come, managed to walk out of the house and drive to the Strip District without noticing anything was amiss. When I got of my car almost 30 minutes later and took a few steps, then I decided to look down. Oddly enough (but clearly not surprisingly at this point), at first I noticed only one of my shoes, the one with the buckle, and I thought right away I must have found the missing one (as I was getting dressed earlier, I found only one buckled one, and I guess as I started to look at my collapsed shoe rack for the other, I must have gotten distracted). It was at this point, I finally noticed the altogether different show on my right foot.

What is a girl to do? I was supposed to meet a good friend from college and a handful of her other friends to celebrate her 40th birthday, so I walked with my head held high, and I entered Eleven (a nice restaurant in the Strip). As the first person to arrive, however, I opted to hide my feet at the table, rather than wait in the lounge. And although my secret would have probably been safe, I decided to share my almost-too-hard-to-believe tale with the group. At least everyone started off the evening with a good laugh. Kind of hard to top that.

And to think I was the only one in the group still in my 30s...
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Sherri said…
OK - so I like both shoes. AND your pedicure does look nice. Funny, though. Trendy types may have mistaken your goof for a fashion statement, though :-).
Anonymous said…
ROFL--are you kidding me?!!!! That is freaking hilarious. T/y for the laugh. :-)
Facie said…
Sherri: I like them too, so is it any wonder I wanted to wear them both? ;-) Had our dinner not lasted so late (over at 11:30), I would have gone out dancing with the group and considered trying to pass the different shoes look as a hot, new thing. I recently saw unmatched socks for young girls/teens, so why not mismatched shoes! (Of course, the fact that I could not stay out past 11:30 clearly gives away that I am not the least bit hip.)

Anonymous: No, I am not kidding. In fact, one of the friends of the bday girl asked if she could take a pic of my feet. I have a feeling it will end up on FB somewhere, not that I know this gal's last name or would ever be able to find out.
This cracks me up (and not only because it's the kind of thing I could see myself doing). And I'm with Sherri: maybe the people who noticed thought the mismatched shoe look is a new trend for fall. I just heard that fanny packs are coming back so, hey, you never know!
Facie said…
Kristen: Fanny packs? Wow. Then again, I might still have my purple fanny pack from the beginning of the century (when it was probably already so yesterday).

If only I had had three or four drinks at dinner, then I am pretty sure I could have gotten up the courage to try to pass off that look.
Dudes have it much easier. I have my browns shoes, my black shoes, my sandals, and my cross trainers. Nuff said. I rarely mix them up. Kind of like garanimals.

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