Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Yesterday in the 5 o'clock hour, I was happily braiding Jordan's hair. After a few minutes, we heard what sounded like firecrackers. I normally call them fireworks, but because of the popping sound I heard, I am going with firecrackers. I commented to Jordan that I wondered what sort of holiday I had forgotten about, as I could not imagine why some idiots would be setting off fireworks at the end of August. I yelled to Brian, who was making dinner in the kitchen (yes, I am very lucky my hubby cooks), if he had heard the fireworks.

He came into the room, looked at me seriously, and said those were not fireworks.


And, lo and behold, about 20 or so minutes later, Brian got an update on his super-smart phone that said a teenager had been shot outside of the local McDonald's. The same McDonald's I had just taken Jordan to last week. The one where we eat outside at the Play Place whenever it is nice. The one we go to at least once every other month.

Between the 18-year-old victim and the shooter(s), there were more than a dozen shots fired. The victim was apparently lying on the sidewalk, bleeding, with a gun in his hand. He died a few hours later.


Yes, I ask this question a lot. I don't really expect anyone to answer it for me. But I am going to keep asking it.

I am going to keep wondering why too many people insist on throwing their lives away before they are really even started.

I am going to keep questioning why too many people think that violence is a solution to anything.

I wanted to write a light post today, celebrating Jordan's first day of third grade. But instead, I am, once again, feeling sad about the state of the world and where I live. It may be worth noting that as I drove past the McDonald's this morning, it was business as usual, crowded as ever.



Anonymous said…
This is why I am so anti-gun. Seriously, if you don't hunt (not that I am a fan of hunting) why do you need to own a gun? These punks and olders think they are so cool with a gun. If someone disrespects them, gets on their turf, then they come out shooting.
Facie said…
Anonymous: I don't have super-solid views on guns. I support the right to bear arms, though I really don't like guns. And although I don't think I could ever shoot a gun, I understand someone's wanting to defend themselves in their own home.

Growing up, my dad owned a gun (maybe two), and he did not hunt. As a local pharmacy owner, he would sometimes go out in the late evening to fill a prescription, and he would take his gun. Thank God he never had to use it. But I guess I felt better knowing he could have defended himself if he needed to.

But these kids? I am sorry, there is no good reason for anyone that young to have a gun. Of course this was (according to the police) drug related. These kids and young adults (and sometimes older) don't give a rat's behind about anyone else but themselves. I have heard that anywhere from a dozen to 20 bullets were fired. Think about all the lives that could have been lost or, at the very least, the injuries that could have happened. Even my non-believing hubby said it was a miracle that no one else was injured or killed. But next time? Who knows.

One other thing (this could have been a separate post, sheesh): I also understand gun proponents resistance to strict gun laws, knowing that the majority of gun-related crimes are committed by those who have illegally obtained or have illegally kept guns. I get that stricter laws will do little to nothing to stop that.


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