Going on 13

Jordan turned eight on Saturday. At some point, I will probably break down and write a post about my failing as a parent. But today is not that day; I want to keep it light!

Jordan's big thing on her birthday was getting her ears pierced. I do not have my ears pierced. My parents told me I had to wait until I was 12 or 13, which really made me sad at the time, as every other girl in my class had her ears pierced. However, I eventually got over that, and when I finally was old enough, I pretty much lost interest. Plus I cannot stand pain. (In my defense, I birthed my kid without drugs. That pain was awful, but yet I still fear pain and avoid it at all costs, which explains why I am 20-some years overdue for a tetanus shot. Also worth noting that I cried during my sonogram. Yes, I am strange.)

Jordan talked about getting her ears pierced back when she was four or five, but Bri and I thought she should wait until she was a little older. We did not have an exact age in mind, but I knew it was not going to be the too-old teenage years. Last year I asked her if she wanted to do it, but she said no, surprisingly. I asked her again just a month or so ago, and she said she did not care, mostly because she was afraid of the pain, which I may have talked up a bit (I admit, I kind of wanted her to be like me).

Completely out of the blue, two days before her birthday, Jordan decided that she was ready to take the big step. I was a little excited for her, but also a little sad for my occasionally self-centered self (is that an oxymoron?). We had this special hole-less ear thing going for ourselves, and we would no longer share that. But I got over it, and we made plans after I consulted my Facebook friends for some recommendations.

Jordan's Grammy, Gigi (great-grandma), and I took her to Claire's Saturday afternoon. Here are some photos of the event.

Jordan said the first ear hurt, and she was not sure she could go through the second one. But the woman was great, assuring her, and she just did it. J got over the pain pretty fast, and she seemed happy, proud, and perhaps a little goofy.

I like to think we did not look like complete idiots fawning over Jordan and taking pictures, since this  happened in the window of Claire's, for all mall goers to see. But I am okay if we did.

That's my baby girl. The one who can take pain better than I can. Now if only I could freeze time and stop her from growing up, at least for a little while...


Sherri said…
Well - congrats. You should join her - the pain is fleeting - promise (this from someone who, at one time, during my punk years, had 7 holes in my ears :-). When we did Olivia's, I think she was 6 or 7 - and... my thing was - if she knew and understood the pain and still wanted to do it, then it was a go. Also - they have to take care of them :-). The same will follow with Lil. Anyway - fun b-day present :-).
Facie said…
Nope, not joining!

As for the taking care of part, this does help to get her dressed faster in the morning and fight less getting a bath in the evening, because she knows she needs to clean her ears 3x/day (well, I am doing it).
Ann Milazzo said…
I love the photos and your opening line. Let me know when you write that post we could do a novel together. The pictures are priceless, I love how happy she is in the last one.

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