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Sometimes when one door closes, another closes right behind it

Can I tell you, again, how much I hate the job search process?

I had a second interview scheduled for yesterday, for a temporary (about five months) full-time position. This potential job has been causing this household stress because although so far it is the best-paying job I have come close to, once I have to start paying for childcare this summer, we will most likely come up a little short. Of course, the optimist in me figured we would somehow work out the money situation (maybe Jordan would stay home one or two days a week since Brian works from home). And as I said to hubby, coming away with some money is better than nothing (since I obviously cannot sub this summer). Plus this job could end up becoming permanent (the woman I would be taking over for is going on maternity leave, so you never know). But I would be working full time, something I had not done since the day before Jordan was born. And juggling drop off and pick up, plus Jordan's many school days off, would further complicate things.

So I fretted about this job, wondering what I would do if I were actually offered it. Then, out of the blue, I received a call from someone in the state government. Back in the beginning of January, I applied online to work for the Corbett administration, and two days ago, a woman left me a message, seeing if I would be interested in coming in for an interview. The catch was I would have to relocate. As has been clearly established here and elsewhere, I hate moving; I would rather give birth without drugs again than go through that headache. Unfortunately, the woman I spoke with did not give me any idea of the pay (I did not come right out and ask, since that is a job-hunting no-no, but I probably should have made an exception). In fact, she told me very little about the job, other than I would be a press secretary fielding media inquiries and writing press releases (working in some "state office," not for the governor).

Ultimately, I decided not to drive to Harrisburg for the interview; I just could not see uprooting the family for a job that probably did not pay well and that would most likely last only a few years, assuming I would even get the job (if the interview would have been local, I definitely would have gone). I did ask that she keep my information on file in case something closer to home or another opportunity comes up. My guess is that door is closed, which I regret somewhat. (It is amusing to note that my mom suggested rather than move, I make the six-hour commute during the week, because I would be "driving on the turnpike"!)

Then a mere two hours after that brief phone call, I receive a call informing me that my interview that afternoon for the temp position has been canceled because the company is on a hiring freeze. Sigh.

On the one hand, I felt a slight sense of relief because the predicaments noted above. But on the other hand, I had a good feeling about the job, and I was actually looking forward to being back in an office. And for the love of Pete, I went from two potential jobs to zero in just two hours. Sigh. Again.

Hubby thinks I should find an evening/weekend job (i.e., a minimum-wage position in retail, grocery, etc.), which would eliminate the need for child care. But as a college-educated person who wants to spend as much time as possible with her kid who is home on the evenings and weekends, this is not the least bit appealing. I realize this makes me kind of selfish (actually hubby helped me realize this ;-), but in these times one should do whatever is necessary to help support the family.

So there you have it. Sorry to whine, complain, and ramble on and on. But it is what it is. At least the optimist in me is sure things will work out eventually. Hey, it is almost 60 degrees in February, so there is that.


chris h. said…
I wish I had words of wisdom. It just sucks to feel like you're in limbo. I hope something pans out just the way you want it, or at least in a way that's tolerable and actually comes through! In the meantime, try to enjoy your stay on the TIME side of the TIME or MONEY scale -- you never get both. (And sadly, with some jobs you get neither.)
Facie said…
Thanks, Chris. And you are absolutely right about time. Plus, as I said to another friend last night, when the area gets unpredicted snow, I am grateful not to have to be out in it, something I probably could not say as a working (full-time) person.

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