I'm a Roman numeral!

Last night, while my kid was (very slowly) getting ready for bed, she announced those words above. I was in the next room and had no clue what she was talking about, although the day before she asked me what V with three lines means (referring to VIII). So I walked into the hall to find Jordan standing in front of the full-length mirror, clearly pretending to wear a toga. I laughed out loud and said, "Oh, you are pretending to wear a toga. You are funny." Then Jordan asked if I was going to put that on Facebook. Of course I did (the exchange, not the picture). When I asked her today how she knows about togas and the Romans, she said she saw something about it awhile ago in a show called "Time Warp Trio." Good to see there are (or at least were) some educational cartoons out there (but for my money, "Phineas and Ferb" rules!).

Seven is an interesting age. My kid is so much more independent. She can actually play by herself for an hour or more (I realize a lot of kids much younger than she have probably been doing this since they were 4, but whatever). She has definite ideas about what she likes and does not. I am happy to say she is actually a pretty good Penguins fan (both the animal and the hockey team, and she manages to mesh the two at times). She did a book report on Penguins just before Christmas, and she wrote a small "Go Penguins!" sign, which she attached to a stuffed penguin that she has displayed in our front window along with a Pittsburgh Penguins sign she made. I thought it was great yesterday when we drove by a billboard with a picture of Penguin Evgeni Malkin and she knew it was he. When we were playing a game last night and she had a to pick a number between 1 and 20, she picked 18, "because I think that is Niskanen's number. I think Neal's is 2" (two players the Pens traded for just this week). She ended up having the numbers reversed, but what seven-year-old girl knows that? I don't even know all the "regular" Penguins' numbers, and I watch pretty much every game!

I will have to save our communion dress shopping for another post. But I will toss in the below pic of our first and hopefully last snowman this winter. The yard sure looks sad, but gappy grin and her silly snowman look just fine.

Jordan is sitting here right now leaning over my shoulder. I begged her last night to sleep in until 8. She ended up asleep until about 8:30 a.m., whereas I, still waking myself up with a cough one week later, woke up at 6:45 a.m. Grr. Anyway, she asked me not to write anything else about her. And because she is such a good reader, she is reading every word I type. I do have to say that Jordan has also become a good little writer. It is weird/cool to watch her write little notes and actually put sentiments in cards. Who knows? In a few years, maybe she will have a blog!

Hi! I'm Jordan!

(Editor's note: The above was written by Jordan, probably obviously, just before we headed downstairs for breakfast. Luckily, unlike most of her peers, she spends very little time on the computer, so she has no idea how to actually get to this blog to actually read it on her own. But in a few years...)


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