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My kind of wedding!

For those of you whom I am not friends with on Facebook, I wanted to post pictures from a dog wedding Jordan and I attended over the weekend. Four-Footed Friends, a no-kill animal shelter in Indiana County, where my mom lives, hosted this fundraiser, and as someone who regularly supports Animal Friends, a no-kill shelter around here, I was only too happy to attend, despite the near-90 degree temps.

The wedding did not start on time, not because the bride had cold paws, but because the minister was late. Here he was after he arrived, waiting to perform the ceremony:

The picture below is of Lenny, the groom, walking down the aisle. It did take him awhile to get there, thanks to his wanting to sniff a garbage can.

Soon after, the best dog and maid of honor took their turn.

Eventually, Cleo, the blushing and furry bride began her walk. Notice the garter on her back leg!

Finally, the happy couple exchanged vows in what the minister joked was a double-collar ceremony. The ceremony was pretty short, and afterward, someone at the shelter asked if anyone else wanted to get married, as long as the minister was there. No one took her up on the offer, though. I almost wish they had; I am sucker for something like that (though, that would have delayed the buffet line!).

I think the event was great. It is nice to attend something different, especially something that Jordan can really enjoy. She spent quite a bit of time playing with various dog guests. She loves, loves, loves animals, which I am very proud of. She has said on more than one occasion that she wants to be a vet, but I bet once she finds out that vets have to perform surgery (she hates blood and anything disgusting looking) and, even worse, that vets have to put some animals down, she will find another career. Jordan has also said she wants to work at the PetSmart PetsHotel, as one of the people who play with the dogs. I told her that would be a great job in high school or college, but I would prefer she aim a little higher, only because I'd hate to think of how hard it would be to support herself.

I only wish more people respected animals the way she did. I have a feeling when she gets older, she may become a vegetarian (for the record, I have made the offer to her now, but she is not yet willing to give up meat). We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, this child will weep for every animal carcass she sees on the road and want to adopt as many homeless pets as she can.


Facie said…
Two of my friends asked why Four-Footed Friends had a dog wedding. The main reason was to raise money--the org charged admission for the wedding, you could bring presents (the dogs were registered at a couple of dog/animal places), and there were also some raffles. I think it was just something different to do.

I am surmising FFF also did it to showcase some of the shelter residents, both those in the party and the ones who were inside.
chris h. said…
I had to laugh at the idea of a "Best Dog" and still "Maid of Honor" -- you were very diplomatic. I was thinking that in dog terms, that would be "B(!*^ of Honor"...ha ha.

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