We shall overcome

I don't completely get the G20 protest thing. As I said in response to a friend's Facebook post, do the idiots who are breaking windows and overturning dumpsters think that any world leaders are going to take them seriously? Would you rather listen to someone who is calmly making intelligent arguments or someone else who is damaging property? And some of the protesters aren't doing themselves or anyone else, for that matter, any favors by protesting for no real reason. I read in the PG that some woman help up a sign that said, "I protest everything!" C'mon. Have a purpose. Get a life.

And how about Greenpeace's stunt on the West End Bridge a few days ago? It was kind of cool looking and all, but their sign-hanging and people-dangling tied up traffic, which resulted in pollution. Not so smart, if you ask me. Kind of like half of Hollywood who cry about pollution, energy, and the depletion of the ozone layer and yet fly and drive all over the place and live in their 10,000 square-feet mansions. Or the Prius-driving woman who threw her cigarette butt out the window last year in front of me on the Parkway East. Still not over that one.

When I am not feeling cynical, I do believe that a few people can make a difference. In fact, last night, I was at a crime watch meeting, proudly wearing my crime watch t-shirt. It was very heartening to see about 200 people come out and listen to locals speak about the good and the bad of the community (where I live is NOT as unsafe as the media would have you believe). These people care. They asked questions; they spoke up; they questioned things. We heard about some residents who helped police catch a robber. There was much clapping. I like clapping.

Brian asked me why I was wasting my time going to this meeting. I don't consider it a waste in the least. I live here. I pay taxes. I want to live in a safe place. I want to make a difference.

Let there be peace on earth. And let it begin with me.


Anonymous said…
"I like clapping." Good stuff.
Facie :-) said…
I heard two G20 protesters on Hannity last night (for the record, I rarely watch those types of shows anymore). These women said although they personally would/did not use violence or damange property, they would not speak against those who did. Sad, IMO.

I was also bothered by the woman who said there is no reason anyone should make more than $500,000. Sure, I feel that some people in this world are overpaid. But who has the right to say how much is too much? And a lot of those well-paid people employ others and/or spend a lot of money. How is that not helping others?

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