It's a Burgh thing

On my way to drop Jordan off at school this morning, I noticed several people in their Steelers garb. I looked down at my Pens Stanley Cup Championship t-shirt and wondered if maybe I should change when I got home. Since the Steelers last played in a meaningful game over seven months ago, I had gotten out of the habit of wearing one of my Steelers t-shirts or my Hines Ward jersey on Fridays. And I knew the Pens were playing tonight (albeit preseason), so my attire seemed more logical.

But it also got me thinking: Are other cities as fanatical about their teams as Pittsburgh is about the Steelers and, to a lesser extent, the Penguins? I kind of doubt it. But that is part of what makes the Burgh so special.

I like seeing people in their Steelers best on fall Sundays in church. And this spring, during the Stanley Cup playoffs, I appreciated seeing church-goers attired in Penguins jerseys and shirts. I try to dress up when I go to church, which for me means no jeans or shorts. However, this past Super Bowl Sunday, I did make an exception. I did not, however, bring my Terrible Towel as I did when the Steelers were in the Super Bowl three years ago. I like to think God understands this.

Society probably places too much of an emphasis on sports. But as I have said before, sports often brings people together. Where else would you hug and high-five strangers? And during a game, very few fans are concerned about health care, war, unemployment, ACORN, etc. Sports provides a nice escape from these every day concerns.

Of course if I did not live in the city of champions, I may be singing a different tune. But fortunately for me, I am a Burgher.


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