The post I already wrote in my head

Today, I got laid off.

I know this has happened to a number of my friends before, but, as Ally McBeal said in response to why her problems always seemed so big or why she focused on them so much, because they are my problems.

I am going through an array of emotions right now. Sadness mostly. A little anger. After all, I have been at my job since May of 1996. Nothingness a little too.

What will I do? Where will I go? As most of you know, I am pretty obsessed with money, so I think we will be okay for awhile. For all my anti-Obama and/or anti-stimulus package friends, the one good thing to come out of the spendulus bill is I will have to pay only 1/3 of my premium for health insurance. So it could be worse. And, as my mom said, I could have cancer. Thanks, Mom!

I know God closes a door only to open another. I just need to figure out what that door is.

More later.


Mel said…
Facie, I am sorry. I can't say I am shocked because it is happening everywhere, to people both recently hired and senior level, and it has nothing to do with you or your history of hard work for that firm. And you're right--keep looking around for the open window. It may take awhile to locate it, but it's there. Meantime, enjoy the extra time with Jordan and pray for peace about all this. I'll be doing the same for you.
chris h. said…
I'm sorry too -- and I AM surprised. Didn't know things had hit at work. Especially hard to take because of your long tenure there. But, I totally agree with Mel -- things do work out and surprise you. I once got laid off right before Christmas and right after buying my first house (on my own). That's what eventually landed me at AMS and a whole new career!
Facie :-) said…
Thanks for your comments, gals.

On Monday I was sad more than anything. On Tuesday the sadness changed over to anger, but acceptance as well, surprisingly. I guess my emotions change depending on the hour.

For the most part, I am upbeat. So many people (friends and clients) have been supportive, offering to be a reference, pass my resume on, etc. I just have to think something will come about. Now I just need to start the resume (but not until I finish the financial aid forms for Jordan's school).

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