What to do, what to do

As some of you know, I had an interview on Friday. I met with the husband of one of my (now former) work clients to talk about an office manager position. We had already spoken for over an hour Monday. We hit it off rather well; he is just a guy you feel comfortable with. I had not been on an interview since Good Friday in 1996, which happened to be the second/last interview I had for the job I just left. But I was very at ease during this conversation. I told him how during my first interview for my last job, the person who interviewed me told one of my references that she was worried I was too introverted for the job. I still laugh about that. He laughed too; he could see already the kind of person I was.

When I was done talking with this gentlemen (he needed to make some phone calls), I spent some time with his wife, who helps out in the office on Fridays. She said she does not think this is the right job for me. She thinks I am over-qualified and that I would be bored by some of the things (filing, typing, bill paying). She said she worries about my being alone in the office (it would only be he and I, and some days just me), knowing my personality. And that is a big concern of mine. She said there is something better for me out there, and she wants to help me by introducing me to some people she knows. Kind of ironic since she got me the interview!

I left telling her I was torn. I felt some of the same things she said. I also said what I would not want to do was try it out for a few months, not like it, and leave; how could I do that to her, when she got me the job? I also told her I was considering staying at home for a few months. This might be my only chance to do this, the last summer before Jordan goes to school. Why not take advantage of that and then try to find something?

But that is what scares me. What if I do wait it out and nothing better comes along? What if come September or October, I have to take some lousy job?

Oddly enough, I stopped at the old job after the interview and ran into another client who also wants to help me (we had exchanged some emails earlier in the week). She talked about my doing some marketing writing, and she said she wants to sit down and talk with me in a few weeks. She told me pretty much what the wife of the prospective employer told me: Sit down and think about what you like to do. After I do that, she told me to call her.

So I think that means I have so say no to this office manager position, at least for now. Perhaps this next temp they are looking at won't work out, and I may have another chance in a few months, after I have had more than a week to think about what my next move is. Or maybe something even better will come along.

Of course, when I call this guy tomorrow, I may have changed my mind.

Time will tell.


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