A dog's life

As I am typing on the computer, I can hear my dog Sadie snoring in her crate next to me (I put her in there, after tiring of listening to her bark at every car and person who walked by).

Sometimes I think about how great it must be to be a dog (or at least one who is loved and well cared for). Our tan-and-white daughter has it made. She sleeps on a couch, has plenty of toys, and is well fed. Best of all, thanks to Brian's working at home and my not working at all, this dog is around people a lot. Sadie loves to be near us (anyone, really), and, strangely, she loves to be hugged.

She does not have to worry about paying bills or finding a job. She does not need to think about what she is going to wear today, what she is going to eat, or when she is going to clean various parts of the house or do laundry. She will never struggle with discipline (except she is on the receiving end a lot) or time management. No, her biggest concerns are being fed when the humans wake up and again around 7 p.m. and making sure someone takes her outside often. Too often, really.

Yes, life is pretty simple for a dog. Sometimes I wish my life were that way. You know, so my biggest decision could be, do I play with the stuffed animal or the ball. And my biggest worry could be, I just dragged some food-covered napkins out of the garbage and someone is coming up the stairs to notice this.


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