Time flies

If I were not so lazy, I would have posted some pictures of the summer adventures we have had thus far. But doing so requires that I first download the pictures from my camera, which happens only a few times a year, not to mention I have no idea where the thingy is that connects from my camera to the computer, which allows said downloading (or is it file transferring?) to take place.

If I had those pictures on my computer, you could have seen a boat ride, some picnics and get-togethers, birthday parties and a christening, days at the park and nights looking at starts, a trip to Idlewild, and the first day of Steelers training camp (still hope to get the pic up of me and Steely McBeam). Still to come are the community days at the town where I grew up, another afternoon in the Burgh, and Jordan's fifth birthday party.

My kid is going to be 5 in just two weeks. How can that be? It seems like just yesterday when I was having contractions at work and my friend Q said it was probably gas. When my newborn was crying for hours on ends. When she was baptized. When she first ate food. When she first rolled over, sat up, crawled, stood, walked, then ran. When she said her first words, which after mamama and dadada, I think were nie-nie (for night-night). Where did my baby go (the cute, laughing, little one, not the one who cried a lot; I don't miss her too much)?!

And in just 2.5 weeks, she will be starting kindergarten. I am not ready. Maybe I should have waited another year. But I think she is ready, so I guess that is what matters most. And so it begins. Maybe we should have taken that fall or spring trip to Disney. Maybe we should have visited my little brother and his family in TX. Now she will be going to school for about nine months a year for the next 13.

Can somebody please stop the world?! I just want to freeze time for a bit. Forget being invisible, flying, whatever super powers others want. I just want to stop time every now and again.


SweetRice said…
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SweetRice said…
Oh Fancie, You have hit the mother nerve! "Z" is 16 and driving my car! "I" is going into the 9th grade and "Z" into the 11th! All I can say is wear your camera out! Take pictures everyday! I am glad you found the cord for the transfer. Great picture of your daughter! You have some wonderful, amazing times ahead of you! Love every minute!

Blessings, L.Schutte

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