I want to be the Olympics

This is what Jordan has said a few times, after having watched several Olympic events. She asked us if she was going to be in the Olympics when she got older, and I said probably not, but if she ended up being really good at a sport because she practiced, it was possible.

At her birthday party last week while swimming, she kept telling people, "I am the Olympics," or "I want to be the Olympics." I tried to tell her she cannot be the Olympics, but we won't have to talk about this again for another four years (well, I guess two), so might as well let that go. After all, I never corrected Jordan when she called an umbrella a rainbrella. I thought it was cute and could not bear to see that go away, and she probably does not even remember ever having said rainbrella. She might still say upslide down, but whatever.

Who knows what Jordan will be when she grows up, but now that she has started kindergarten, there is no turning back now. Lord knows I have not figured it out for myself yet, and I will be 37 in just over three months. Jordan has already asked if she can go to work with me when she is a grown-up. When you ask Jordan what I do at my job, she will typically say I eat lunch, do the computer, and play with Sam the dog. I don't think she understands what many people do.

But back to the Olympics. I am sad to see them over (though happy to get to bed around 10:30 again). I chose to focus on the positive aspects (I am good at pretending the questionable things did not exist; I do that with some people in my life), so it was great for me. I marveled at the athleticism that these people displayed. In fact, on Sunday when Jordan was riding her bike at the park with Brian at her side, I decided to run back and forth beside them for about seven minutes. Running in almost 90-degree temps when you have not done so in about a year is probably not smart, but I felt inspired. It was not so bad. But when I think of the guy who won the marathon in just over 2 hours, I think back to the first 10k I ran, completed in about one hour less than this guy did. His 26 miles to my 6 miles. Sheesh.


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