Honk for Obama

For the second time in about six weeks, I drove past a group of people waving Obama signs, some of which read, "Honk for Obama." On this day, the peopled who probably numbered 20 or 30 were having a barbecue to help register voters and, of course, garner support for Obama. As I did when I drove past them the last time, I waved my fists in the air, which made the sign holders cheer.

Jordan asked me why I did this, and I said, "These people really want this man to be the next president, and it makes them happy that I just did that." I could not honk my horn because I do not support Obama, but I do support these people and am glad for them, and envious, actually, that they are excited about their candidate. I wish I could be.

The election is about three months away, and, once again, I do not want either of the top two candidates to be president. Several friends and relatives tell me if I vote for Ron Paul, who does stand for most of the things I believe in, I will be wasting my vote. And that is true to some extent; he won't win. But I want to feel like those Obama supporters when I cast my vote. I have not felt anything close to that way since I voted for Ross Perot in 1992. And even then, I was not excited; I was just happy to be voting for someone who was not going to take a salary.

Maybe in the next three months, McCain or Obama will strike a cord with me, and I will want to vote for one of them, or at least not feel as if I am voting for the lesser of two evils when I touch the screen come November. Yes, I am a conservative, but I am not crazy about McCain. As awful as this sounds, I think he is too old. And, I am ready for a change. Unfortunately, I am not sure what "change" Obama is going to bring about, and I am pretty certain he is going to raise my taxes (McCain might too). And that I keep getting calls from people "fellow union members" who say they are voting for Obama and I should too is not helping Obama's case. Who knew I was in a union?

I just want someone to believe in. But if that won't happen, I guess I will continue to be happy for those who have found who they think will be their savior. And I hope they are right.


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