The world around me

Sometimes I click on the "Next Blog" link at the top of my blog. In my self-centered existence, I often forget that there are millions of people on this earth who have lives that are as important and meaningful to them as my (pretty boring) life is to me.

Usually, when I happen upon a blog, I curse myself for not knowing another language (maybe Obama IS on to something). I have seen blogs written in about a half dozen different languages, and I have little to no idea what they say. I can probably recognize about 30 or 40 French words that have not left my memory from three years of French in high school and maybe 20 or so Spanish words thanks to Dora and Sesame Street, but that is it and that does not help much.

It is weird yet cool to me to experience others' lives in this medium. I have read about numerous vacations, babies, moves, art projects, dinners, deaths, etc. My visit to one site was akin to checking out Playgirl magazine. I sometimes feel as if I know these people (not the naked guys), even if I only happen by their blog one time; it is as if they could be someone from college or a client from across the country. Sometimes I find myself relating to a post or a comment. But other than posting a comment once on a Pens' fan's blog (that I found via the Empty Netters blog on the P-G), I have yet to post a comment on a stranger's site. It seems intrusive, even though their blog is there for all to see.

But there is a certain sanctuary that comes with talking to a stranger; you don't have to worry about someone you know judging you or looking down on you, or just knowing your business. Being open, I have found, has its drawbacks. Some friends feel they should be able to tell me anything, regardless if it will hurt my feelings. I appreciate honesty, but I don't really care if my outfit is not up to Clinton and Stacey's standards from What Not to Wear, so please don't bother telling me this over and over again. And that is the beauty of going off into this unknown world; you can go to a place where nobody knows your name, which sometimes is nice.


SweetRice said…
Great insight Fancie! It's a joy to read you blog!

Wishing you the best from Lori in Michigan!

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