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I have to say that the writer's strike has hardly affected me, and I am actually a little disappointed that some of the shows that I watched pre-strike will be back. It has been kind of nice focusing (obsessing might be more accurate) on Lost; that is one of only two prime time shows I make it a point to watch. I thought Lost had a great season last year. This year might not be as good as last year (I kind of miss the surviving on the island aspect and the flashbacks), but there seem to be a lot more surprises and possible answers to seemingly 100s of questions.

Did only six people get off the island?
Why are the Oceanic Six saying that only six survived the plane crash when we have watched dozens of survivors for four seasons now?
What happened to all the other survivors?
Why do some of them want to get back to the island?
Who is in the coffin?
Why is Sayid working for Ben post-rescue?
Who are these "freight people" and why do they want Ben?
How/why does Ben have so much money, passports, etc.?
Is Kate's baby really Claire's Aaron?
If so, how did all that go down?
Did Kate get pregnant on the island?
Who is Jacob?
What is the deal with the time difference and the way the light looks different?
Will all the connections among the characters every be revealed?

Every time I come up with a possible answer to one of these questions, I read or hear someone else's theory. But that is what I love up the show; it makes you think, speculate, discuss. I think the writers are brilliant; they seem to have a reason for all the little things. I am not looking forward to the end of Lost.

But for all the theorizing and reading about Lost I do, there is another show I watch, at the other end of the spectrum. This show involves no thinking, theories, or in-depth discussions. This show has basically become a mindless way for me to end my weekend.

My name is Facie, and I watch Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels.

If you have never watched this show, where a couple handfuls of scantily clad woman are trying to end up with Bret, I don't recommend you start watching it. And frankly, most of you are too smart and/or have far better things to do. But one Sunday night, I came upon it, and I have been watching it ever since. Some of it disgusts me; watching sometimes a half dozen women kiss the same guy in one evening is rather vile. But a lot of it is entertaining. The things some of these women will do to try to impress Bret. I was particularly amused by the mud football game. Most guys (and some women) would enjoy that scene for the chance to see women with nice bodies and little clothing covered in mud and trying to play football. I am pretty sure a few of those ditzes cannot even spell football. But watching a few of them dive for the ball, tackle each other, and then end up freezing was humorous. On the first episode, one of the girls got so drunk, she passed out and missed the elimination round (and, not surprisinly, was given the boot). I am also amused by the way some of these women talk about how Bret could be the one, or how they have this connection with him. My favorite line of the show was when this one chick left on her own and said if it was meant to be, then she and Bret would be together. "We live in the same town," she reasoned. Yeah, right.

I know it is difficult to find love. I have seen single friends struggle to meet a decent person. And Lord knows Brian and I are not perfect for each other, but we do our best to make it work. But do these women really think they are going to end up happily ever after by competing with other women for a former rock star's affection, all under the glare of TV? I believe that some of these women really do, and I almost feel sorry for them. But no one forced them to try out for this show. No one told them to parade around in bikinis and vamp it up for the camera. If they are capable of thinking (and the jury is still out on that for some of these women), they had to know that other women would diss them, talk about them behind their backs, etc. And I don't know about you, but I would not want someone I am dating to be dating 12 other people.

Regardless, yes, Rock of Love is utter crap. But sometimes it is nice to see something that is not violent (one of a few other shows I watched is 24; now that is violent), is not about the election, and literally allows my mind to stop working.


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