Happy Heart Day

It is nearly 7 p.m., and I am getting ready to leave the office; Tuesdays and Thursdays are my late days. Unfortunately I won't be going home to see any of my valentines; instead, I will be going to choir practice, which I have skipped for the last two weeks (due mostly to my not wanting to miss watching Lost live, I admit).

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day, but I no longer despise it, and actually I don't even mind it anymore. In fact, I have a red sweater on today, so I am downright festive. Fortunately for Brian, I don't believe in exchanging cards or gifts for this Hallmark holiday, so I guess we both have it pretty good!

I hope that all of you reading this were able to spend some time with someone you love. Or something you love (nothing wrong with loving a dog, a tub of ice cream, TV, or something like that on this day). I will head to choir thinking of my Brian and Jordan and even Sadie, as well as family and friends, and being grateful I have them in my life. But today I am especially thankful for my little valentine Jordan, who wrote the following on a paper heart at school:

I love when Mommy plays with me.

It almost made me cry, which is sort of how I felt after not leaving the house for two days because of all the snow. But reading that made it all worthwhile.



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