I missed over three quarters of the Big Game, but I watched the 10 minutes that counted. And what mattered the most was when the clock was 0:00, the Giants were victorious. Looks as if Plex was right after all, just not about the final score.

During the last five minutes, I felt as if I was watching a Steelers playoff game. And in the final two minutes, it almost felt as if the Steelers were in the Super Bowl. Once Tyree caught that amazing pass with about two minutes to go (or something like that), I ran upstairs to get my cell phone, confident my coworker Robta would be calling me if the game turned out as we had hoped.

The woman in me feels a little bit bad that the Pats had to see their perfect season end with a 1 on the end. And it is kind of sad that part of me (and many, many others) wanted them to lose out of jealousy towards such an amazing team, especially the ├╝ber-talented Tom Brady. But the principled person/Steelers fan in me is glad that Belicheat and his bunch lost to the underdog.

So tonight, I am happy in the land of football. Maybe now Arlen Specter will find something better to do with his time (though for the record, I have wondered for months why the Spygate tapes were destroyed). Yes, Robta did call me once the clock finally hit 0:00. I can only hope next year at this time, we will be calling each other after all the playoff games just as we did in 2006, when our Steelers were playing...


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