This part of winter I had forgotten about.

I am convinced I have one of the shortest memories. Before I accepted my current job, just before Easter last year, I thought (and by thought, I really mean fretted) about summer child care, which was something I had not had to think about ever. J started out at an at-home daycare when she was about four months old and she continued going there until she went to kindergarten. I was out of work a few months before kindergarten ended, so summer care was not an issue.

But this spring, we worried and searched and ended up finding a place for J to go to this past summer with with we were mostly happy. And then school started back up again, where J also attends after-school care five days a week. So I thought we were all set. Yes, there are days off here and there throughout the school year, but between my job's nice holiday time off and a friend and a few relatives, we work it out. It helps that we know about those days at the beginning of the year.

But this week, we had something we had not had since 2011: snow days and two-hour delays! I totally forgot about those events.

Monday we got a call at about 6 a.m. for the delay. I did not completely understand why we were having it, considering the temps were dropping every hour, so why not get the kids in school while it was not as cold. Regardless, I was able to do a little work from home and then head in late, so no huge deal. Plus I had the most awesomely scary balaclava, so at least I was decently warm during my wait for the bus:

I knew about Tuesday's snow day, which was really a "Hell froze over" day, by mid-afternoon Monday. The hubby and I worked it out so I could work a little from home in the morning and then head to work in the afternoon, when he would take off. A perk about my job is that you are able to take sick time when your child is sick or if his/her school is delayed or closed, so that alleviates some stress. But because I am pretty busy this week, I did work some at home. 

Then yesterday, just before I left work, I got a call about another two-hour delay. I was a little irritated, but fortunately the hubby did not schedule anything for the morning. So he could take J in late, and I could get to work on time. But then at almost 9:30 last night, we get a call that school is now canceled. What? Why?!

Two days into the work week, I had already missed about three or four hours at a busy time. Now what were we supposed to do?! If the kid went to school in the neighborhood, I could have probably asked a mother to watch J, at least for the afternoon. But, alas, she does not (the neighborhood schools were only on a two-hour delay anyway). And, as unfortunate, we are not really good enough friends with anyone at her school to ask someone to watch J. Sure a mom or two has told me, "If you ever need help" but that was months ago; it just feels weird on short notice, particularly now that I no longer "live" at the school and see these people. Our neighbor, who is a spry senior citizen, is taking care of her friend. The hub's mom is caring for her ailing mom. And my mom is in Texas.

Considering we have just begun the second week in January, we need to come up with a plan quickly. Today, I once again, worked from home, but I am not getting in a full day. I can't keep doing that. Plus, I would think people would start to resent me. You never know.

What do parents do in these situations?!

In any event, as I declared in an email today: From here on out, there will be no more days with below-0-degree wind chills, and all snow can cover the grass as much as it wants, but all roads must  be clear.


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