Overall 2013 was a good year.

On Facebook this week, a handful of people said good riddance to 2013. The self-absorbed person in me was surprised to read that. What? People had bad years? But then I remembered, it is not all about me, and others have had crap handed to them.

At the end of 2009, I am pretty sure I would have called it a good year. Yes, I was laid off after almost 13 years at the same place. But I had unemployment comp, subbing, and a tiny bit of freelance work to keep us going, and, more importantly, I got to spend time with my kid! But, just as significant in my mind, both the Steelers and the Pens won championships! That was seriously such a fantastic year for Pittsburgh sports. I still smile when I think about it.:-)

I don't have strong feelings about 2010-2012. I don't recall anything too great or awful; and nothing really significant must have happened. Oh, wait, I just remembered now, my mom was sick in 2010. But, hey, she got better! I guess time really does diminish some memories.

When I look back at 2013, I will most remember my getting a job that I like and am good at. Because that really trumps everything else, including a lot of car repairs, my gaining almost 10 pounds, my seeing my family a lot less, the Pens choking, and the Steelers, once again, finishing .500 and not making the playoffs. Which reminds me: The Pirates had a winning season and were in the playoffs! Yeah, that pretty much wipes out the disappointment of the Steelers and the Pens underachieving.

I have no goals for 2014. No resolutions to make, because I will surely break them. I fully intend to start eating better (mostly less!) and exercising a little more, but that has little to do with the time of year. I have no control over the sports teams I love. I cannot predict the economy and if I will still be employed by the end of the year. The hubby's job (well, the company he works for) has been shaky for years. If you think you have it bad, how about not even getting an email from the boss wishing you a happy holiday and/or thanking you for all your hard work this year? No party, no card, no gift whatsoever. The employees in the office (the hubs works from home, several counties away) had to pay for their own pizza Christmas Eve! One would think a half-decent boss could take one, maybe two, entire minutes to send a generic email to everyone. I don't think I have to write another sentence about that.

I hope all of you have a great 2014 that ends up being better than 2013. 

Thanks for reading!


bluzdude said…
Happy new year, Facie. Hope you have a wonderful 2014.

And I, too, don't think I'll see another year as good as 2009. Two championships is awfully hard to top.
Facie said…
Truth, Bluz. But maybe one of these years...

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