This is all I've got...

I just don't have anything really interesting to write about, unfortunately. Well, looking on the bright side, I guess I could say it is fortunate. I certainly don't want to be writing about something awful or major going on (knock on wood!). I am past our expensive car bill. I go to work five days a week, which leaves little time for anything else during the week. My weekends are spent doing a little cleaning, running errands, and trying to spend some time with the kid. I have been trying to go swimming on Sundays, but the hockey game and running some more errands will take precedence tomorrow. (Pens playoff hockey takes precedence over most things, really.) I still have thoughts swimming around my head about terrorism, religion, parenting, education, and guns, but I am not ready to write anything about those topics. So I will leave you with an amusing exchange(s) with a boy at the park today. Probably another one of those things where you had to be there. But it's all I got!

Boy, popping his head out of the tunnel: I'm 4.
Me: I'm kinda 4 too. Fooooooooorrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyone, which has a 4. You probably did not think I was 40 though.
Boy: Oh, I knew you were 40.
Me: Kid, a word of advice, never tell a woman she looks as old you think she does. Always knock about 10 years off.
Me, to the mom, a few minutes later: Your kid told me he thought I looked 40 after I said I was. I am used to little kids telling me I am like 16 or  20. But 40?!
Boy's mom: He tells people I am 40, but I am only 30. He has 40 on the brain.
Me: I feel better already!
About an hour later, when I was talking with some friends, boy comes up to me: Excuse me, can you watch me while my mom picks up my dad. They won't be gone long.
Me: Buddy, I have to leave soon, but I think you just need to go home with your mom.

I guess it should make me feel good that he felt comfortable enough to ask me to watch him. That is what I am going with anyway...

Let's go Pens! Pens in six.


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