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Random Ramblings

I am so tired, but wanted to get in a quick post. Here goes a lot of random crap:

  • I hate traffic. I don't imagine too many people like it, but lately it has taken me between 40 to 47 minutes to drive 6.2 miles in the morning (this does not include the time/miles it takes me to get my kid to school first), which seems a little crazy. Worth noting is I have gone several different ways, with and without a tunnel. But, no, I am still not ready to go the route of public transportation. And I don't even want to talk about my commute home.*
  • Job is busy but still going well. I am really liking it so far and feeling more comfortable as the days go on.
  • I actually walk down 240 steps and up 30 steps in the morning. It is the 240 steps I have to walk back up at the end of the day that leave me breathless (but I just may have thighs of steel before too long, so there is that).
  • Unfortunately, among lack of sleep (cursed insomnia), working all day, and having to cram many things in during a few hours in the evening,** including some time for the kid, my fuse has been a little short. I hate that. I need to work on it. Wish me luck.
  • The Pens won their division. Yeah! I am pretty sure we won't be able to count on the Steelers for too much this year (and let's not even talk about the Pirates), so here's hoping we can get a Cup out of this or at least a long playoff run.
  • Today I saw some guy wearing pants that went completely below his butt cheeks. I have no desire to see anyone in his boxer briefs (or in any other kind of underwear for that matter, unless it is Marky Mark, circa 1992).
  • If you are local (and maybe not even), you may have read about the PSSA's and some mother/prof who opted her child out of them. I don't have a strong opinion about standardized tests, but I can say that at my kid's school, they do not seem to take them (Terra Novas) as seriously. The school asked that no trips be scheduled and for the kids to be well-rested and fueled each day, but that is about it. To the best of my knowledge, hardly any time was spent prepping for the tests, and the kids do not seem to be pressured.
  • Apparently western PA went from winter to summer in a matter of days, which is not uncommon around these parts; it just happened later this year. As usual, the hubby and I disagree about when the AC should go on. I say not until May regardless; he says when the indoor temps nears 80, it is time. He won that battle.
  • That is all for now. Have a great rest of the week, blog friends.
* The last time I worked full time, I typically worked 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., so I did not have to deal with traffic. Even when I worked four days a week four years ago, my hours varied, so traffic was an issue only one or two days a week. I know I need to get over this, but it will take time.
** This is another adjustment that I hate to complain about (particularly knowing that many of you work full have and have for years). But when I had Wednesdays off my last time around working, it made a huge difference (plus when you are off in the middle of the week, it is a great comfort/motivator knowing you have to work only two days in a row). I could do my laundry and cleaning then, plus during my working evenings I did not have to worry about helping my kid with her homework or piano in the evenings because she had neither. It is worth noting that if history serves, next year my husband should be back on grocery rotation (this is the end of my second five-year stint; he should start his second stint next March...)


chris h. said…
I was in the bank the other day behind a 50+ year-old man with complete butt-crack showing. Horrifying. How can you not feel that your pants are falling down?
chris h. said…
And another thing -- Oakland in the summer is DELIGHTFUL. Much less crowded and traffic-y. I used to like working there then. Hope your commute will be better too.
Facie said…
Chris: In case it was not clear, that kid/guy was doing it on purpose. What I don't get is how it can be comfortable to wear a belt in the middle of or below your butt cheeks.

I guess I can look forward to the summer for something now. I did not even think about that. :-) Oh, and thanks for the email.
I feel you on the 6.2 miles. I love when people ask how far it is from my boyfriend's place to mine. I'm always like, "Well, six miles. But a half an hour on the train! And ten minutes' walk each way to the train that connects us! And you don't understand the emotional toll of having to wade through all those tourists!" And so on forever. The miles mean nothing.
Jessica R. said…
And it's posts like this that make me happy that I don't live in a major city. My commute only gets frustrating on the stretch where I have to drive through a school zone and go through a neighborhood where little old ladies drive 10 under the speed limit. Even then it's a 10-12 minute drive tops.

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