I am pretty sure you had to be there.

Most of the blogs I read contain pictures. At least a few per post. Most of my posts contain no pictures. And that is mostly because I am boring and partly because I am lazy (and I guess partly because most of my posts don't lend themselves well to pictures, because, the posts are, well, mostly boring).

But this is one post that I so wish I had not only pictures but also a video. Because I am certain my storytelling will not do this tale (tail!) justice.

I typically watch Penguins games with the hubby in our den. And our dog Sadie typically strolls into the room and parks herself on the floor, completely uninterested in watching TV. Just as typically, Sadie is snoring loudly within a few minutes of lying down. I guess it gets pretty tiring sitting around doing nothing all day other than barking at a few cars she happens to hear driving by (when she is not sleeping, of course). Maybe going into the next room to get an occasional drink of water is what is wearing her out.

Anyway, hubby can take only so much of the annoying snoring (by so much, I mean about seven seconds) before he yells at her to "Get out!!" Within about 10 or 15 seconds, our senior citizen furry friend slowly gets up and walks out of the room, probably having no idea what she did wrong.

More often than not, she waits in the entry to the room, out of the hubby's line of sight, but staring at me, looking for a sign that it is okay to come back in. Sometimes I give her a nod and a smile, but other times I try not to make eye contact. Regardless of what I do, in most cases, she decides to try her luck and reenter the room. Now Sadie does not just come strolling back in as if nothing happened. No, she ducks her head about an inch, maybe two, and walks reeeeeeeealy slowly past the hubby, clearly convinced that he cannot see her, because, you know she ducked her 50 pound body down that giant inch.

Hubby is usually amused enough by this that he is willing to give her another chance. I mean how can you not give the dog points for trying?! But, alas, she is usually snoring and subsequently out the door before another penalty is called. Unfortunately for my amusement, she does not often try her stealth move twice in one night.

Maybe I will have to start bringing the camera in the room with me. In case you just had to be there to appreciate it. :-)

Maybe she should try wearing these to hide a little better.


Cassie said…
ha ha ha! Gangsta dog!
LaLa said…
That IS a funny story. Video would do it better justice. Love the shades on your dog!
Facie said…
I do love that picture of Sadie. If I do manage to take a video, you can bet I will (try to remember to) put it up here.

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