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She was too young.

Yesterday I found out a high school classmate had died. Because there were only about 115 in the class of '89, I knew everyone. In fact, I knew almost the entire high school, either by name or by face.

Crissy and I never hung out together, but we were always friendly and shared some of the same friends. She was in the marching band, and I was a flag twirler, so during the football season we saw each other more regularly. I don't think we ever had any classes together, and to the best of my recollection, we were never in the same homeroom.

But I knew her. She was nice. She was athletic. I seem to recall she was good at softball. We were "friends" on Facebook, so I know that she was an EMS, had a few dogs, loved the outdoors, and had recently moved.

I just now looked on her Facebook page and saw that she last commented on one of my posts on June 7. I made a comment about how I had graduated from high school that day 22 years ago, but at least I was not 40. Crissy wrote "You will be. We are all hitting that number."

But you know what? She hit 40 and will never get past it. When she made that comment, I am pretty sure she was not thinking her life on this earth would cease to exist in fewer than five months. But it did.

And I am sad. So very sad. A life too short. Family and friends left to grieve.

Rest in Peace, fellow Bobcat. You will be missed.


mel said…
wow. Facie, so sorry to hear this. sounds like a loss for many. will pray for her family, for comfort, and also that we all remember to live each day fully and gratefully...because you just never know.
Sherri said…
So sorry to hear about this. I lost some college friends one after the other one year, and it was so difficult. She was definitely too young.
Facie said…
Thanks, ladies. As sad as this makes me, I can only imagine how her family and close friends are feeling. Those are the people who are really suffering.

I know both of you have suffered losses of young/ish people; it is never easy on anyone.

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