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A blog I visit from time to time recently had a post about free-writing. Well, that was the part of the post that most intrigued me: Kristen explained how she responded to a simple prompt of "I" and went on to write about herself uncensored for five minutes. As my 40th birthday looms ahead (just over two months), I decided to try this free-write myself.

So here goes nothing, off the cuff, from the heart.


I worry a lot, about more things than I should.

I love my kid and my husband more than anything else. I love my kid more than my husband, and I know I probably should not.

I like football and hockey, to watch. I am a Steelers fan first and a Penn State fan second. Once I had a kid, I decided it was okay not to watch too many PSU games, but I do my best to watch all the Steelers games.

I don't think you should leave sporting events early unless you have an emergency or some pressing concern; whether it is a blowout or a close game, I want to see it all, get my money's worth, and support my team.

I really hope to go to a Pens game soon; the tickets are expensive, but I might just treat myself for my big bday this year!

I enjoy going to musicals. Before I had a kid, I had a subscription to Pittsburgh Musical Theater productions. I miss doing that.

I like to sing, though I don't do it as much or as well as I used to. Years ago, it was my goal to sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" at Three Rivers Stadium. Of course, that stadium was imploded in 2001 (which I witnessed first-hand), and I have not updated that goal to sing at Heinz Field.

I like to read and to write. Even though I have a degree in secondary English education, I don't enjoy literature as much as I do grammar; I think part of the reason is that I have not read as many classics as I probably should have. And I forget a lot of what I read.

I watch more TV than I should, but I find it is a good escape from life.

I really like to eat, and there is pretty much nothing I don't like or won't try. I should be a lot bigger than I am.

But I believe in staying active. I try to park far away from things, and I make sure to swim, run, and/or walk at least three times a week. Better than nothing.

I am mostly an optimist, but I am cynical sometimes.

Tonight I feel hopeful and mostly contented, even though the Steelers lost.

Tomorrow? Who knows.

That ^ was what I came up with, without putting any thought into it or worrying about how it sounded. It certainly does not thoroughly describe me, but it paints a picture of what I am thinking of right now. I am sure if I tried this exercise again in a day or two, I would come up with some different things.

But for now, I am done.


A budding writer said…
I like this idea. I am going to try it.
Facie said…
I hope you like it. I am vowing to try it again (and again and again). When I did my free write, I was watching Desperate Housewives, so I am curious to try it without any distraction.

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