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Things that make me want to scream

I spent over an hour today trying to resolve an online banking issue. For some reason, when I paid my sewage bill last week, I chose the old bill payee, the one that has not been the payee for over three years (our water company took over for the sewage company, FYI). I won't bore you with the details of the various phone calls and time spent online. And, yes, the error was all mine (why I did not delete the previous/old payee, I don't know). But it does make me wonder how accounting works in companies. When my check was electronically deposited into the old sewage company's account, didn't they check to see why they were getting money from us, when they had not in years? Can anyone explain that?

It does not help that I am tired today. Tired because there was a domestic dispute three houses away last night after 11, when I was sound asleep. Unfortunately, when four or five people are shouting in the streets nearby, as a light sleeper, I will hear them. The upside is that the police arrived within minutes of my 911 phone call. This is important to note because, as I blogged about last year, when I called 911, I was asked so many questions, that by the time the police arrived, the fight I called about was over. This time around, I don't think I was on the phone for more than 60 seconds and just moments later, the police arrived, able to see/talk to at least some of the (insert bad word here).

When something like this happens, it once again saddens me that some people are the way they are. What decent person thinks it is okay to scream ridiculously loudly after 11:30 p.m., particularly during the week? And apparently threatening someone with a gun? Well, that does not leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Ugh.

On a less scary note, but annoying all the same, I have an issue with my town's code department. A few weeks ago, I left a message for code because trash was overflowing from a can in an empty lot. I left another message three days later when no one returned my call. A few days after that, someone finally called me and said code would send someone out in a week or two. Today, one and a half weeks later, I stopped in the office, since I was in the area. A woman there said that they would need to contact the property owner to see if that person would empty the can or if he/she wanted to remove the can. I asked if the trash collectors could just pick up the trash, at least from the can, but this woman, very exasperatedly, told me no.

Why the property owner has not been contacted yet, after several weeks, I, again, am left to wonder. And even if the property owner decides to get rid of the can, people will most likely dump trash there anyway, except there won't be a can to house most of it. Way to keep our community neat. At least the woman was pleasant to me. Oh, wait, she wasn't. Sigh.

I hate to be so negative, when there are so many more significant things going on in the world. But this is where I am today, disappointed with people. And I did not even get into the communion card for Jordan our neighbor dropped at church, never to be seen again. Hope someone enjoyed that cash...


Sherri said…
Ok - I first read this as "things that make me want ice cream" - seriously - on my blog roll. Anyway - definitely NOT the case :-(. Gun talk very scary. Hope that situation resolves. In the meantime, I do think you should treat yourself to ice cream. And.... for the record, I, too, have been noticing a lot of "unkindness" lately. Long winter? Who knows. Hope it all improves.
chris h. said…
Don't you love that about the communion card? I guess you can't expect people to do the right thing, even in church.
Facie said…
Sherri: Funny you mention about ice cream and then J and I end up at Frick, right across from that ice cream place (though I resisted!). And, yes, I hope things work out in my neck of the woods. I really do like our neighborhood, but there are bad apples pretty much everywhere.

Chris: I asked the priest if anyone turned in a card with my kid's name on it, and he asked if there was money it in. I said yes, to which he replied something like this: "No one in church would take a card with money in it." Keep dreaming, padre!

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