And I did not even cry!

As has been documented here and elsewhere many times, I am a crier. But, oddly enough, not always for logical reasons. I did not cry at my own wedding or at the birth of my child, yet I have cried at countless other weddings and births, most of which I witnessed on TV, involving people I don't even know!

Speaking of my child and NOT crying, today my baby made her first communion. This is a big deal in a Catholic's life, though most kids cannot fully grasp what is going on. What pretty much every kid does understand is that they will be getting dressed up, quite a few people will be coming to watch them, they most likely will be having a party or going out to eat afterward, and the odds are great that they will be ending the day with some loot.

We had a pretty small gathering at our pretty small house. Unfortunately, the weather dudes were wrong about the weather. I know, hard to believe. Last night, one of the weather guys said there may be a shower or two, and it would most likely come in the late afternoon. Instead, it drizzled most of the morning and early afternoon, and the sun finally came out around dinnertime.

Regardless, I think the mass was very nice. I was glad we lucked out and ended up in the second row. My baby looked beautiful. And I think our party was very nice.

All in all it was a great day. And I did not even cry. However, when I think about the next time my baby will be in a beautiful white dress and veil, now that makes me want to cry!


Sherri said…
Congrats to you all! She looked so pretty :-).

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