At the risk of offending my Catholic friends (and some other Christians and proponents of civil liberties)

A few days ago, I saw a disturbing story on the news. A dead baby was found in suitcase on an Erie street. Apparently, a woman starved her 14-month old, left her to die, stuffed her in suitcase, and then put that suitcase in her neighbor's trash can. You can read the story in the PG. Other than this woman murdering her child, the thing that really gets me riled up is this: In addition to the baby she birthed and killed, this 20-year-old woman also has a two- and a three-year old as well as one on the way. So for the past four years, this woman has gotten pregnant, had a baby, gotten pregnant a few months after giving birth, had a second baby, gotten pregnant a few months after giving birth, had a third baby, and gotten pregnant for the fourth time.

Isn't that lovely?

This woman should be sterilized, plain and simple. If that seems too strong (and I don't think it is), then she should be forced to receive monthly birth control shots or be inserted with that device that prevents pregnancy for something like five years. I assume this woman is on welfare, and as I and others have said before, people on welfare should not be allowed to reproduce if they want to keep receiving their checks. I expressed my strong feelings on this subject in another post almost a year ago. In fact, with all the advances in science, why hasn't anyone come up with a male birth control shot? What goes for women on welfare should go for men. But it probably won't happen in my lifetime.

I know that this goes against my religion. And I am sorry that I am suggesting the government put its nose into someone's private life. But enough is enough. How many children have to die and how much money do the rest of us need to fork out for low-life people before something changes?

Walking away now...


Mel said…
Facie, I'm sad to say I am with you. It goes against my beliefs, too--but I am looking at a world that believes only the individual, govt. support, and television. Oh, and the internet. Especially with repeat offenders (multiple unsupported births) and/or histories of abuse. I addressed pretty much the same thing here:

So... when are we setting up that fund? I'm in.
Sherri said…
Horrible person - evil.

This brings up an interesting... um ... "story" of mine. My mother in law likes to, often - and loudly and rudely and with venom in her voice and a twinkle in her eye, point out that I am adopted and that might be why I have "problems" dealing with people from "normal" families. Her family is far from normal, and I do not have problems dealing with people (though she and my sister in laws....).

On a similar note, she likes to pontificate on how a friend of the family, an adoptive parent, is a terrible parent because she did not birth the child on her own.... that ALL biological parents are meant to be with their kids.

Hmmm... I think I've found a HUGE hole in her argument.

Awful, awful people in this world. I wish worse than sterilization on this person, and... believe me - it goes WAY against my religion.

You're just sensitive. Nothing wrong with that.
Facie said…
Sherri, that is awful! I would love to hear what your MIL has to say about these situations. Sheesh!

Yep, sometimes I find myself wishing worse than sterilization. Fortunately, that feeling goes away. But I still don't think these people can or necessarily should be rehabilitated.
Ann Milazzo said…
She should go to jail, this is horrible. I am sickened by the story. I would rather see tax money pay for her to be in jail, then another baby abused.

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