Still married after all these years

My friend Holly informed me that the according to Wikipedia, "The median length for a marriage in the US today is 11 years." Brian and I hit the 12-year mark yesterday, which I joked on Facebook probably means donuts. I love donuts! In fact, I had one yesterday because it was "Donut Sunday" at church.

Hopefully, our house of illness will soon recover and Brian and I can go out for at least a lunch or something to celebrate. But until then, I will just be glad we made it this far, something, unfortunately, not a lot of people can say. And I will keep joking (though I am sort of serious) that it feels like only 25 years! :-)

Following are a few photos from that chilly day 12 years ago. We got married at St. Bernard's Church in Indiana, PA. And we had our reception at the country club in that same town. I have not seen our ring bearer (the cute kid in our cake picture) for almost eight and a half years. In my mind, he still looks like a little kid, younger than my daughter. Time marches on.


chris h. said…
Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!
Sherri said…
Very nice photos. Congrats!
Mel said…
congrats! you both look so content. it goes quickly in some ways, slowly in other ways. hope you are all better now. and re: the single kid, no comment. I am fine with it mostly but suspect I'll feel differently as he gets older. still, the pregnancy and birthing really really sucked (pardon me but it did) and I vowed not to go there again unless forced to do so. thus, we have only one.

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