Trying not to be cynical

Ah, election season. Who does not love watching snippets of lies, exaggerations, empty promises, and unflattering photos (good thing I avoid getting my picture taken as often as possible)?

I am a regular voter. I try to vote even in the primaries, even when there is not much at stake. After all, about 90 years ago, women could not vote in the US. As I have stated in previous posts, I have taken Jordan with me a number of times, to hopefully instill the importance of this right. But I can see why some people never bother. It seems as if so many candidates promise a bunch of crap and don't bother (or are unable) to fulfill half of it.

I remember when Tom Ridge first ran for governor of PA. One of his campaign promises was that he would not vote himself a pay raise. That was all I needed to hear; he got my vote. But, alas, he broke that promise at some point during one of this terms. And I have never forgotten that, as small of a thing as it was.

Honestly, I don't remember if I voted for Ed Rendell the first time. I do remember one of this campaign promises was property tax reduction, which did not happen during his first term (at least not for everyone; senior citizens may have gotten a break during Rendell's first term, but I can't remember that either). I do know I voted for Lynn Swann when he ran against Rendell for the latter's second term, mostly because I was mad at Rendell for my lack of property tax relief as well as the higher state income tax. I also felt that the Burgh was slighted thanks to a Philly-area governor. And Lynn Swann was a Pittsburgh Steeler. :-)

In just a few weeks, PA will be electing its 46th governor. The good news is that whoever wins will be from Pittsburgh, so there is that. But I am not sure what else. We have Dan, Dan the Tax Man, the guy who I was mad at for quite a few months back in 2008, thanks to the drink tax. Which I got over eventually, partly because time heals most wounds and partly because I don't go out much to actually have to pay the tax. Dan has a hilarious commercial about the "tricky" pronunciation of his name.

I don't know a ton about him or Tom Corbett, Onorato's opponent, but I am pretty sure that Corbett, who is the state's attorney general, cannot be faulted for not creating jobs, as Onorato's ad points out. Since when did it become the attorney general's job to do that?

As usual, there are things I like about both candidates (and more things I don't like), but does it really matter? Will things change that much no matter who is elected? Will either one of them be able to bring more jobs to PA? Will our roads stop being pothole-ridden and constantly under construction? Will our failing schools  become successes? Will people keep leaving the area? And will the size of our legislature ever be reduced?

I will probably vote for Corbett, unless someone can give me several compelling reasons not to. But I won't be dancing an Irish jig no matter who wins.

Yeah, I guess I need to try harder not to be cynical.


Sherri said…
Yeah - it is hard NOT to be cynical.... I agree.... Hard to know what / who is right for the city, state, country these days....

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