I finally won something!

I have complained a few times about how I used to be lucky but then I pretty much stopped winning anything. I was particularly dismayed that I had never won a contest with Pittsburgh Mom, despite the fact that I had entered probably 50 giveaways and some of them had only 30 entries, for the love of Pete. Well, that changed just over a week ago when I became the winner of a Nicole Begley mini photo session, courtesy of Pittsburgh Mom.

This past Saturday, Jordan, Brian, and I had a bunch of pictures taken at a nice park in the Cranberry area. Of course, Brian and I argued about what to wear; he pretty much has no dress clothes and I don't own a single pair of jeans that fits me decently, hence our dilemma. Ultimately, we decided to wear gray, and we were overdressed (really, who wears dress pants or a dress at a park on a cold fall day?), but, hey, we got free pics!

You can see a few of the photos on her blog. I just love the last one of Jordan. The ones of me? Not so much, thanks to the dreaded family nose that I never realized I had until a couple of years ago. But hopefully the rest of the pictures (we will end up receiving 15) will be so great I will forget all about that stinkin' nose and just be excited about having a nice family photo. I can't make out the dozens of gray hairs I have, so there is that.

I am a winner. Hear me roar!


Holly said…
Congrats, Faith, for winning! The pictures are beautiful. I love the gray.
chris h. said…
The pix are lovely! Of all of you!
Sherri said…
That's great! Love the photos - looking forward to seeing more :-).
Mel said…
those are great pics!! I like the second one a lot. You all look genuinely happy and relaxed--kudos to Nicole. : )
Facie said…
Thanks for the comments! I think we found a few for Christmas, so yeah!
Anonymous said…
beautiful Faith! - B

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