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Shiny trophy, I am gonna miss you

What is the above a picture of? If you said a trophy that the Steelers will not be hoisting next month, you are correct. Probably the only thing the Steelers will be lifting in the near future are boxes, as they clean out their lockers for the season (and some for the last time ever). They certainly won't be preparing for the playoffs, as I fully expect them to be doing this time of year, every single year.

As I was telling my priest this morning, I would rather the Steelers go a decade or two between Super Bowls than ever miss the playoffs (assuming it was an either or proposition). Weird, perhaps, but I just always think that they are going to make the playoffs; it happens so much more often than it does not, so this assumption is not exactly crazy talk. And, now that the Steelers have won the most Super Bowls ever, well, I am cool with their not getting another one for awhile.

This season will undoubtedly go down as a disappointment; after all, the Super Bowl Steelers returned most of the starters, so how could they not at least get to the first round? You cannot rely on one person (the oft-injured and hardly playing Troy) so much. And some of the defense seemed to have lost a step (James Farrior, I am talking about you). But I give props to Big Ben, who not only had a career year but who also saved me from the bottom of the heap in my fantasy football leagues. Hines, Santonio and Heath performed admirably most of the time as well. Even Skippy, save for one aberrant game, had a nice year. Okay, I will give the defense a tiny bit of credit for not completely collapsing these last few games as they did so many games before. Plus I love Dick LeBeau. Nice guy, really.

All that notwithstanding, Steeler Nation must now move on, a task made all the more daunting for us locals, who are knee-deep in frigid temps and falling snow. Well, at least we will have our Sundays back, even if they will be too cold for us to enjoy. And hockey season is still going strong, even if the Pens are in a bit of a slump themselves.

Who knows? Maybe this will be the year the Pirates can finally go .500 again. Yeah, probably not, but, hope springs eternal and all.


Anonymous said…
haha. The 20 million dollar question is what went wrong. Special teams, running game, aging defense, you name it.

Yeah the pirates going 500. Not so sure about that one.
Facie said…
Well, technically, the Steelers can hoist any one of their six Lombardi trophies whenever they want. I was, of course, talking about a shiny, new one!

Yeah, who knows what went wrong exactly. But this COULD be the year for the Pirates!

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