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You just never know

A few hours after a crazy guy shot about a dozen women and killed three of them in a gym, I thought of how what he did affects so many people in many different ways.
  • The injured woman may never get over the emotional trauma of getting shot. Some will probably endure nightmares and require counseling, which could affect their jobs and personal lives.
  • Some may have physical injuries that take months to heal. This too could affect their livelihoods. What if one of them worked at a minimum wage job and had little or no health care?
  • Many family members and friends who knew and loved those women will also be affected. It may take some of them years to get over this. The kid who lost his mother may very well think about this daily for the rest of his life. Think of the parent who has to bury her daughter.
  • The health of perhaps hundreds of LA Fitness gym goers may also be in jeopardy. Some may never be able to work out again, for fear of a repeat occurrence. I am guessing some at the very least won't come back to that gym, and they may not have an alternative.
  • Workers at that gym could lose their job because the gym may close. At the very least, those people probably won't be paid while the gym is closed.
I am a rather emotional, sensitive person, when it comes to things like this. I cry, even though I knew no one. I feel sorry for the family and friends left to grieve. I am reminded that something similar could happen anywhere. And there it not a damn thing I or anyone else can really do.

And then I think to myself, perhaps if we could all be a little nicer or more understanding to others, maybe, just maybe, we might be, directly or indirectly, saving a life. Most likely being nice to this guy would not have helped, but for others out there, the life you save really could be your own.

Think about it.


Mel said…
yes, re: your being nicer comment. just reaching out. it's hard, too, because you think of this guy and how you as a woman probably would have avoided him if you'd known him. you wouldn't want him to misconstrue any kindnesses... it's a tricky line to walk, esp. with people of the opposite sex.

I knew two women who worked out at that club regularly who thankfully were not there that night. I also have a friend who'd met the one victim several times b/c she was a friend of a friend. it's just a small world.

the hard truth is that you never know when your day is coming up, and you need to be thankful each morning and go to bed without any grievances, hard feelings, or unconfessed sins. luckily, we can do those things because we have a loving savior on our side who will listen, forgive, and grant grace.
Facie :-) said…
I was talking to my dad about this, and he said he does not buy into the "if only people had been nicer" school of thought in most of the situations. But I still stand by that, for SOME situations (like Columbine, for example).

But, as you said, one could have been nice to this particular guy, and who knows what might have happened. Chances are, a woman who showed this guy some interest could have been a target. Sadly, there are disturbed people out there.

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