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As I have probably written before, I am a pretty open, honest person. I say it like it is (or at least how I think it is), and I am just not about pretenses. Which is why this whole job search is seemingly adding to the already multiplying gray hairs I have and further stressing me out.

For all my weaknesses, I like to think I have some good things to offer. So why do I have to, in some sense, be someone I am not? Why do I have to use certain buzzwords just to get an interview? Why do I have to put on a suit and curl my hair, just to be taken seriously? Can't someone see that I would be a good editor, even though I am not technologically savvy? Does it make me a bad worker because I really want to find a job where I can work five shorter days or three or four days a week so I can spend time with my kid?

I have already second guessed myself on the jobs I applied for last week. I had to copy and paste my cover letter into a text box. I did that, but I jumped right into the "Dear Sir or Madam" (and I am not even sure if that is the correct salutation). Should I have kept my address block? If so, does that mean, I should kiss those jobs good bye?

I have talked to two different people at two different career services. One said an objective on a resume is unnecessary and the other said I absolutely should have it. Having been one to review resumes in the past, I think objectives are unnecessary. But for all I know, the person reviewing my resume for those jobs thinks I should have had one (I don't).

One page or two? I finally had my resume pretty much where I wanted it, and then one of my friends, God bless her, took my resume and redid it as a one-pager. Again, some have said a two-page resume is fine; I have worked enough years. But others have said it is not necessary unless I have many, many accomplishments to detail and I have that many different things to say (I don't). For the record, I do feel better with my one-page resume.

I have read that networking is the way to go, and I have attended a few of those types of events. But at this point, I don't really know what I should get out of these things. It feels like dating (and I have shared my sentiments on that in a recent post); and in most cases, many of us at these events are looking for a date, so to speak. While it is nice to have that in common with people, it sometimes makes me feel hopeless, especially when I talk to someone who has applied to dozens of jobs without a single interview. But I guess I will keep going to these things, and hope I figure out what exactly I should be doing while there (for now, I talk a little to most everyone and hand out my business cards to most of those people).

I don't want to sound hopeless. Because I am not. Part of me really believes that something will come along and it will work out just fine. Of course another part of me is still hoping I will win the Powerball so I can get off this painful ride. I really like wearing cut-off shorts, little makeup, and not curling my hair...


chris h. said…
It has been 14 years since I had to "job hunt" in the traditional sense. It all seems like such a crap shoot -- how do you get someone to choose your resume out of hundreds received (even though you're clearly the most qualified:-)? It almost seems like you have to apply to anything even remotely a fit, just because there's such a slim chance of getting a call. And there's the ambiguity you mentioned -- objective? dates? 1 page or 2? Ay yi yi!
Anonymous said…
for what it's worth:

1 page. we ain't lawyers or doctors here.

agreed with chris h.--apply to anything that's even remotely a fit. assume you will hear nothing. even if yo have an interview, assume you'll hear nothing. I've had two in the past two weeks. I've heard... nada.

objectives are stupid lies. omit. what is our collective objective, honestly? to do as little as possible for as much money as possible. who wants to hear that?

be shameless and tell everyone you're looking. take advantage of any in's. I can't believe I'm saying that, b/c I've gotten every job I've ever had via newspaper advertisement. and yet, that was then. this is now. and don't be surprised if the person you know whom you thought might help does not help you in any way. or screws you.

like I said--for what it's worth--which isn't much.

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