Dreams, Goals & Lists

That was the title of a presentation that a freelance photographer gave at a recent staff meeting where I work. He talked about wanting to go to NYC, to meet girls, maybe to be famous. Not sure which of those were dreams and which were goals. But as he was speaking, it occurred to me that I don't really have any dreams anymore. I don't mean that in a crushing sort of way; I know it certainly sounds a little sad or pathetic. And the reason I don't have dreams has little to do with that I think they won't come true, although I am a bit of a realistic and certainly cynical. Most of all, I am a slacker.

When I was in high school, I wanted, at least a little bit, to be an actress. I had the lead in my high school musical, so it did not seem so far-fetched. But once I got to PSU and tried out for some musicals and choral groups and did not make the first cut for anything, I gave that up. But the reality is, I am too much of a homebody to have been an actress. I would never live in NYC or LA. I think I have also mentioned my dream of singing the national anthem at a Steelers game. Since I no longer like to get up in front of people and because I sing only while at choir practice and at church on Sundays, thus resulting in reduced voice quality, I have pretty much thrown in the towel for that one too.

I have said that I want to go back to college at some point and get my master's degree. And I still do, but that probably won't happen for another 10 years at least, which is fine, since I have no clue what I would study. But if I never got another degree, I would be okay with that (though I might have to, just to keep up with the rest of the world).

My family is very important to me, and since I have one, I am living the dream, as Kevin Miller often says. If they are healthy and reasonably happy, then that is a pretty good dream, don't you think?

But do you know what my dream is today? That the person who is elected president does a good job and makes this country better than it is now. I am not as conservative as most of my conservative friends, so I don't necessarily fear we are headed towards socialism or into ruin if Obama is elected. Maybe, just maybe, it will all work out. That could happen. And wouldn't that be a nice dream?

But, unfortunately, I cannot end on that note. While listening to KDKA this afternoon, I heard some moron say that even those who do not pay taxes deserve a tax rebate. Hons rightly said something like a tax rebate was getting back part of what you already paid, so why should/how could a person who paid no taxes get a rebate. This guy said hard-working people deserve the money/help from the government. Good googalie moogalie. What more can I say.


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