Dave would not approve

After months of yapping about a flat-screen TV, we finally broke down and bought one. A lovely, well-reviewed, 42", high-definition, plasma Panasonic model. When Brian, Jordan, and I picked it out at Sears last night, I said something like, "Meet your new little brother, Jordan."

Sure, we are pretty much in a recession, but I figured I should do my part in stimulating the economy and spreading my own wealth. Because we paid for it with gift cards purchased at Giant Eagle, our next two plus fill-ups will be free. And apparently buying Sears gift cards qualified us for $5 off our next order. How can you argue with that, the $200-off sale price, and three free months of an HD DVR receiver from Verizon FiOS?!

As I have been explaining to friends over the past few weeks, watching our 19" TV in bed has put a strain on my eyes. Most people's vision improves as they get older. Me? Not so much. I have really noticed my squinting when I try to read the guide on TV. And when I watch sporting events in bed, I have to move my pillow halfway up the bed so I can see all the action. Figuring I was doing my eyes harm, not to mention accelerating the arrival of crow's feet, I knew I had to take action.

I have to say now that we moved our old 27" model to our room, I think it is actually too big. But not our new baby. After Brian got it hooked up last night, I watched a few minutes of a college football game in HD. Someone at work asked me who was playing. I have no idea. I just know it was amazing. If the Pens had not been on until 10, I know what I would have been watching.

Sure, I could lose my job in a couple of months, but at least I will be watching TV the way surely God intended. Ah, high-def...


Anonymous said…
Don't tell me. It was watching the Steeler game last week on our flatscreen that sealed the deal!
Facie :-) said…
Dear anonymous,

Sure. Whatever you say. It certainly did not hurt.

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