What a game

Tonight could be the final Stanley Cup playoff game for the Pens. And if that happens, I will be disappointed. But after Monday night's/Tuesday morning's game, I will be okay if the buck stops here in the Burgh (meaning I won't cry). That was one of the best games I ever saw. Not so much in that the Pens played their best game; for the love of Pete, they were outshot by about double. But for the fact that they did not give up. Nothing like the game-tying goal coming in the final 34 seconds. That was crazy. And then watching Fleury make all those saves. What a game he had. And how about Sykora telling that announcer he was going to get the/a goal and then he ended up scoring the game winner. I was pretty tired by the end of the second OT, but by the start of the third OT, my spirit was renewed.

I remember the Pens-Caps game in '96, just a few weeks (maybe days) before I moved here to the Burgh. I recall falling asleep during one of the OTs, then waking up a couple of times to watch the game until I fell back asleep. Back then I taught, so I had to get up early. Fortunately for Monday's night game, I did not have to drop Jordan off to extended care until 9:30 the next day. And even though I (and many others at work) were tired Tuesday, it was worth it. Heck, even one of my clients who said she just could not get into hockey called me yesterday to tell me she stayed up the entire game. I guess a lot of people have the fever. During some of these games, a high school friend and I have texted back and forth, and we had hardly been in touch this past year. Since Brian went to bed after the second OT, I at least got to share the victory with her.

I know I said that I really feel as if this could be the Pens year. And it still could be. Flukier things have happened. But plain and simple, the Wings are just better than the Pens. Not a lot better, but they definitely have the edge, and they deserve a ton of credit. But after reading some Wings' fan's blog about the team planning their victory parade after just two wins, I got mad, and then I really wanted the Pens to pull it out. And watching that guy shine up the Cup a few times Monday night, and reading about how the champagne was on ice and the shirts were ready to be rolled out with six minutes to go in regulation, that irritated me (but I was also pretty sure at that point that the Pens were going to lose).

I am not a girly girl, not your typical woman in many respects, but I do let emotions affect my feelings in sports. So you can bet that I am hoping (maybe even praying) that the Pens pull it out. I would love to rain on Detroit's parade. At the beginning of the series, I predicted the game would go to six games. Now I hope I am wrong.

Let's go Pens!


Facie :-) said…
Alas, it was not meant to be. And sadly, my eyes did well up with tears during some of the post-game interviews.

When the Pens finally turned it on with about two minutes to go in the 3rd period with that goal, I believed they could score the tying goal. When there was under a minute, I actually prayed, not that they would win, but that they would play the best 45 seconds of their life, because if they did, then I was pretty sure they would win.

I could not believe it came down to the last second. And when the buzzer sounded, I kept thinking about that quote from The Great Gatsby, "His dream was so close, he could hardly fail to grasp it." Or something like that. The last time I read that book, the Pens had not yet won a Cup.

What a great ride.

Thanks, Pens.
Mel said…
ditto everything you said. I had forgotten about that quote from Gatsby. I don't know the exact phrasing either, but that was close. it's a shame they couldn't quite do it, but I was proud of them and their determination. I couldn't bring myself to watch the post-game interviews. I knew that would get me.

and hey, at least detroit didn't have the pleasure of winning in front of home crowd. and they had to drag that cup around a little bit. it probably wanted to stay in Pittsburgh...

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