Just like old times

Recently, I have had a few "nights on the town." Two weeks ago, I saw Sex in the City with some coworkers. This was significant for several reasons. One, the last first-run movie I saw was The Sixth Sense, which I think came out in '99 or '00. Second, I went with some ladies with whom I don't normally hang out. Actually, other than Lynnie, the friend I have had the longest at work (since she started, almost 12 years ago), my closest work friends are guys. Generally speaking, I just prefer men over women, because men tend to be less petty, emotional, and don't often hold a grudge. Plus I am not into a lot of girly things. But, as I said to these gals, it turns out women are not so bad after all. We had some good drinks (mmm, pomegranate martini) and eats beforehand, chatting a lot, and then went to see a long, but pretty good movie. If I don't see another first-run move for a few more years, fine by me, but glad I did it all the same.

Then on Thursday, I went to the Penn State Alumni Association--Allegheny County Chapter's 110th birthday party at PNC Park. I ran into people I had not seen since before I had Jordan, so it was a nice blast from the past. I talked to people I had not met before, which is something I did pretty often when I used to go these events regularly, but is something I have kind of lost interest in lately (but We Are Penn State). I enjoyed listening to defensive coordinator Tom Bradley's spiel. I also talked to Michele Michaels, a DJ on DVE. Who knew she was an alum (I believe there are 20k of us in the county), and she was super friendly. And, best of all, I won an overnight stay at a Pittsburgh hotel plus a gift certificate at IHOP. Sweet! I ended up having a nice time, and I am looking forward to attending another event in the not-so-distant future for what is now called the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, and is something like 700 members strong (I think there were fewer than 200 when I was actively involved).

I cannot remember the third thing in three weeks I did, so not sure if that means I did not have a good time, or just that I am exhausted from being with my nieces and nephews all weekend. My mom and I watched my eight-week old and 2-year old nephews Friday to Saturday, along with Jordan. I really enjoyed being with them, and hopefully Ben will continue to answer my name when I ask him who his favorite aunt is. No, this did not make me want to have any more kids, but it also did not make me say there is no way I am having another, so that is something (even though I am pretty sure I am not).

Well, I need sleep. G'night.


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